Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion Review

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After sampling numerous VS Fantasies lotions, Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving was one of the long overdue “thingamajig” (remember …Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, pirate’s boot from Little Mermaid…. must watch :P) that I was yet to try. This body lotion felt more like an amalgamation of the fruity and floral notes. So, I picked it up to find out how it fared as a body lotion along with its unique fragrance.

Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion


The body lotion comes in the standard VS Fantasies bottle. It has a very pale pink bottle color, which is almost opaque. The body lotion with a flip top nozzle golden hued cap makes it convenient to use. The body lotion is creamy and very light pink in color. It has a floral print to signify the VS fantasies theme of floral and fruity fragrance notes. The key fragrance notes for this body lotion are black currant and vanilla absolute.


$14 for 250 ml bottle.  VS Fantasies collection however has frequent discount offers.

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Product Description:

Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion


Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion:

The body lotion has a creamy consistency, but it is easy to apply on the skin. It also gets easily absorbed into the skin. The body lotion provides decent moisturization to my dry skin. I find this body lotion hydrating for summer use, but in winters, I would prefer something more moisturizing.

The body lotion contains aloe vera, oats, grapeseed extract for skin nourishment. Though I did not find any significant improvement in skin texture, it made my skin feel better during the changing climate.The body lotion also contains antioxidants, Vitamin E and C. However, I did not notice any anti-aging benefits while using the body lotion.

Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion

Though the body lotion fared okay on my skin, I have second thoughts regarding the fragrance. The fragrance is sweet, but it cannot be easily distinguished as floral or fruity fragrance. It contains keynotes of black currant and vanilla absolute. I could not smell vanilla fragrance very clearly. It has a more fruity fragrance than floral.

The fragrance of the body lotion stays on for quite many hours. However, it is not a very strong fragrance. The same fragrance notes also come in the form of body butter, body scrub and fragrance mist for further layering the notes.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion:

  • Body lotion is creamy in texture, which gets easily absorbed.
  • Does not require frequent reapplication.
  • Suitable for dry skin type only during summers.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Helps to keep skin hydrated for a few hours.
  • Small amount is required for usage.
  • Fragrance is sweet smelling which is a combination of floral and fruity notes.
  • The fragrance stays on the skin for few hours.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion:

  • Body lotion contains parabens.
  • Does not have SPF.
  • The fragrance might not be very appealing if you do not prefer sweet fruity smelling fragrances.
  • Did not observe benefits from the presence of antioxidants Vitamin E and C present in the body lotion.

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Would I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Body Lotion?

As a body lotion, it worked okay, but the fragrance was not very appealing to me. I would not buy this product again as VS Fantasies has much better options which I like.  Not “secretly craving” this body lotion at all!

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