Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Smoothing Body Scrub Review

Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Smoothing Body Scrub Review


My journey with Victoria’s bath and body works products continue. Since I first started trying them out last year, I have received /purchased quite a few products from Victoria’s Secret.  I will be reviewing a body smoothing scrub today from the “Secret Cravings” fragrance range. All Victoria’s Secret products are highly scented and this is not an exception.  I received this as a gift and as soon as I opened it, I didn’t like the fragrance. I felt it was too overpowering in a fruity/bubblegum way; however, after I started to use this, I have fallen in love with the scrub and don’t mind the fragrance much. I have become used to the fragrance and have actually started liking it. The scrub actually has become a favourite and smoothes my skin out just like it claims.

Product Description:

Smoothing Body Scrub 1

A seductive, warm fragrance. Surrender to Secret Craving, a rich desire of black currant embraced by vanilla absolute. Dual-action sugar scrub gently exfoliates as it purifies. Lather on wet skin, focusing on rough spots, then rinse off for an all-over glow. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable.


Ingredients Smoothing Body Scrub

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Smoothing Body Scrub:

This comes in a tube packaging and I appreciate this feature. Most scrubs come in tubs and they are so inconvenient in the shower. This fragrance range is all about black currant and vanilla. It is a sweet but heavy dark scent. Because of the intense heaviness, I will never buy the mist or EDT.I however use the lotion as it doesn’t last too long and is not too intense.

Smoothing Body Scrub 2

Back to the scrub, it is of thick consistency because it is a sugar scrub and I use it on dry skin before showering or on damp skin. The texture is rough, but not too scratchy or irritating as to cause sensitiveness. However, I feel it doesn’t work well on dry skin as a huge amount is needed and a lot get wasted.  When you start to scrub, it melts away and foams a little bit. It definitely gets rid of the dry bits and also adds in a bit of moisture. I always used this scrub before waxing and it makes waxing so much less painful as it gets rid of all the dry skin. On summer days, I can easily skip moisturiser, but in winter, I would use body butter after this. I love to use body butter after this but I don’t have to all the time as it does not cause any dryness. Having said that, this is an excellent scrub to use just before using body butters as it makes body butter sink right into the skin and intensifies the moisturising properties.

Smoothing Body Scrub 3

Skin is lightly scented and it lasts quite a bit, at least for 3-4 hours even without layering.  I have been using this frequently and this has helped with my ingrown hair. I do like to use body scrubs throughout the year and not only in winter and it has made my skin softer and smoother overall.

Smoothing Body Scrub 5

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Smoothing Body Scrub:

  • Exfoliates the skin well.
  • Contains moisturising properties and does not dry skin.
  • Comes in a tube so it is easy to be used in the shower and easy to carry during travel.
  • Fragrance lingers for quite a bit when compared to body scrubs from other brands.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Smoothing Body Scrub:

  • Availability is an issue, I had to pay a high shipping price to order some products from Victoria’s Secret website.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Secret Craving Smoothing Body Scrub?

I love this body scrub but I’m using the breakfast scrub by Soap and Glory at the moment. I would love to try other variants from Victoria’s Secret body scrub range.

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