Victoria’s Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion Review

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Today, I am going to be reviewing a body lotion from Victoria’s Secret, called ‘Secret Crush’, Classics. It is a hydrating body lotion by which I take it as a default moisturizer too. I also got ‘Sensual Blush’ and ‘Pure day dream’ from this range of VS which I shall be reviewing soon. ‘Pure daydream and Sensual Blush’ have made it to my bucket of favorites and let us see why ‘Secret Crush’ did not.

Victoria's Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion (7)

Price: 14 USD /900 INR (approx)

Quantity: 8.4 fl oz /250 ml

Shelf Life: 12 months from usage of the product

Fragrance Notes: Peony & Peach Blossom (as per product description).

Victoria's Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion (3)

Victoria's Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion (4)

Coming to the fragrance part of the body lotion, from my experience I felt that the floral notes are too overpowering and the only predominant fragrance. I did not like it much also because I felt a frosted rum liquorish smell that lingers on once the base notes settle on, which was a little disturbing to me. I went for this as I love floral notes but now I realized I require a floral-based fragrance, a perfect blend that is not overpowering or ones that go under the bridge and it really makes a huge difference. Since on VS products they mention it on the label, it is not a problem but I wish they mentioned the top, middle and dry notes.

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My experience with Victoria’s Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion:

The body lotion has been a refreshing start to my days leaving my skin moisturized throughout the day. It can be a good scented product in the absence of a perfume. This range of hydrating body lotions was my savior for me during the hot summer that sapped me out and made my afternoons lazy. So I hop in for a shower, dab the lotion and spray a body mist along and there it was, a kick start to the evenings leaving me rejuvenated for the evenings that awaited me. I apply a little bit of the body lotion before I turn in and night is perfumed and cozy. Although I have not liked ‘Secret Crush’ in terms of the fragrance, as I am too choosy about the fragrance where I pretty much waiting for the dry notes to settle, it is not all that bad and some of you may like it after all.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion:

• Not very heavily priced for a VS body lotion for the quantity offered.
• Product comes in sturdy plastic bottle with a golden colored flip top lid that helps control optimal amount of the product as and when required.
• The opaque bottle still allows you to view the quantity of the product.
• VS labels always specify notes and so is the case with this lotion.
• Availability in India.
• Conditions the skin as it contains Aloe, Oat, Grape seed extracts and anti-oxidants Vitamin E and C, making it a great moisturizer.
• Smooth on the skin.
• Definitely hydrates the skin leaving the skin supple and fresh.

Victoria's Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion (8)

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Secret Crush Hydrating Body Lotion:

• It has an overpowering floral fragrance to it, which was not okay for me although he preferences can vary.
• Top, middle and base notes not specified.

IMBB rating :

Would I repurchase/ recommend Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion Secret Crush Classics?

I would not repurchase ‘Secret Crush’ for the fragrance being the obvious reason but I would repurchase other variants of VS Hydrating Body lotions in the same range and I highly recommend this range for all the VS lovers. Maybe ‘Secret Crush’ would work for you.

Overall verdict:
It is all in all a great body lotion and a rich classic moisturizer and a savior for healing a dry skin. Although, it is well suited for all types of weather conditions this range of hydrating body lotions is more apt for dry, harsh weathers and it is more of a winter lotion.

• If too much of the product is applied in a hot, humid weather it starts feeling sticky along with the sweat. In case of dry weather, a generous amount of the product can be used. A balance on using an optimal quantity of the product depending on the weather (hot, humid or dry) would be the way.
• Pair it up with ‘Secret Crush’ fragrance mist for best results.

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