Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Mascara

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Mascara

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mascara

Following the review of the Beauty Rush Mascara, here is the review of Very Sexy Mascara from the same brand “Victoria’s Secret.” My sister is very careful while choosing makeup stuff for me and she just couldn’t walk in with a brown mascara (Beauty Rush one) when I had asked for a black one!! Surprisingly, the most-raved Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara didn’t work for me, but the not-so-favourite Bourjois Elastic Mascara became my best buddy.  So, when it comes to mascara, I am very choosy and don’t go by reviews.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mascara

I gave a big list of specifications that had to be taken care of while looking for a mascara. My sister who is not so into makeup did her level best and got me this “Very Sexy” mascara, which later she revealed that she got it for free with her purchase at Victoria’s Secret.  Apparently, the SA has said that this was one of their best-selling products and no wonder my sister didn’t have any more queries.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mascara

When I first opened it, I thought the mascara was an old stock as it looked completely dry, but then, my sister asked me to try it once. The mascara was so thick and black and it was not very easy to apply the same on the lashes. It was holding my lashes so tight that I couldn’t wear it for even 10 minutes.  I felt like my lashes have grown fat all of a sudden and my poor lids had to carry those lashes, my lashes felt heavy !!! I immediately gave it back to my sister and she had gone back to the store to complain that it was an old stock when the SA opened a few more “Very Sexy” mascaras and it all looked the same. The SA had told that is how the mascara has made to be and it is not an old stock for sure. The SA had also tried it on my sister and my sister liked it!!!!

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mascara

I came to a conclusion that I am a person who prefers a natural look and thus this mascara which gives a dramatic look and makes me “feel my lashes” is not the right one for me. I would rather wear false lashes which would give significant length and volume at least.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mascara

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Mascara:

  • It does lengthen the lashes.
  • It leaves nice, dark, black lashes.
  • Applicator is lengthy enough and thus application is very convenient.
  • The brush is not very hard.
  • Does not sting my eyes.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Mascara:

  • Irrespective of all the pros listed above, I am not at all happy with the way it makes my lashes feels heavy.
  • It clumps, the mascara is creamy and not even 1% liquid.
  • I am not at all comfortable wearing it. I feel like I have kept something on top of my lids that I keep looking up frequently.
  • It spreads easily and messes up every time I look up.
  • Availability in India is very restricted and I am glad about it.



Will I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Mascara?

Why would I? It is a definite “no,” but may be my sister would 😛

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16 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Mascara

  1. i sooo know what you mean!!!!

    its not acceptable for a mascara to be heavy and pain for one’s lashes :yikes: :yikes:

    great post!!!

    the packaging is soooooo sexy though…isn’t it :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  2. intresting …even the million lashes from loreal not really liquid rather cream and give gud dramatic look…may be all dramatic once are thick as this ..
    nice review

  3. When I read Victoria’s Secret, I knew it would be your review!
    I hate mascaras which clump and make my lashes feel heavy. :yuck:

  4. I’m hyper aware of anything I’m wearing…be it lipstick,eyeliner,or even kajal. So I will go :headbang: :scream: If I try this out…I just know it. 🙄

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