Video: How to Apply Lipstick

I had absolutely no patience to wait till Tuesday to share this lipstick application video with you guys.

Hold your breath!

Widen you eyes!

And watch this Illamasqua lipstick tutorial to achieve the perfect Red Pout by Alex Box.

How to apply lipstick

I have been applying my lipstick with an angled brush since weeks now and even my lame coloured lippies have got me compliments. 😛  I don’t use this technique when I am rushing, of course. But once in a while when you are taking your sweet time to get ready, this lipstick technique works great. I have always hated lipstick brushes but after this, I try as much as I can to apply my lippy with an angled brush.

Regarding brush, I use a local anged brush(don’t remember the name )and  I wash it after every application with a baby shampoo. It barely takes me a minute.

Do try it out! Perfect pout is not difficult to achieve now. 🙂

Illamsqua artists have given a modern approach to makeup and it’s commendable. I hope they come to India soon.


8 thoughts on “Video: How to Apply Lipstick

  1. Do you have any hints & tips to make lipstick longer lasting?
    (Lipstick & lipgloss never last long on my lips – maybe my lips are in bad condition? I want to invest in MAC lip conditioner)

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