Carrot and Honey Anti-Ageing Face Mask: Do It Yourself

Carrot and Honey Anti-Ageing Face Mask: Do It Yourself

Hey Friends,

How are you all! I have been busy with celebrations and guests for a while 😛 Meanwhile, I just enjoyed reading all delicious, nourishing DIYs here.  I have learnt a lot from IMBB and still learning handling makeup brushes and pots 😀 Its time for me to share my two cents on anti-ageing skin care face mask recipe which I got from my mum, I hope you will love it.

Carrot and Honey Anti Ageing Face Mask Do It Yourself

We all know about retinols, as vital beauty vitamin in today’s date.  Retinol (Vitamin A) not only enhances eyesight, but also is an important anti-ageing vitamin.  It is a vital ingredient in almost all night creams and also acne gels and creams. It creates wonders on skin when applied naturally. I was also keen to try retinol on skin; however, I was wary as retinol has side effects on sensitive skin and there was a probability of me getting photosensitive skin. Moreover, I also read somewhere that most of market products hardly contain retinols or vitamins! Hence, I opted to go for retinol treatment naturally. When we talk about winter care, we should not forget about carrots.  They are the most easiest way of getting the benefits of retinol.  Carrots are our favorite pick during winters. As my baby loves sweet and salty carrot puree and we love yummy “gajar ka halwa,” I never felt the need of putting extra effort to make this face mask.  I simply prepare carrot puree for my baby and steal a little bit for my face.

Now, without wasting your precious time, let me show you how to make this face mask:


Step 1:

Just peel a few baby carrots or regular carrots and steam them for a while in an oven or cooker to make them soft. Usually, oily skin beauties are supposed to use raw carrot, but I fall under sensitive skin category, so I prefer to boil carrots before using on skin especially during winters.


Step 2:

Take the boiled carrots and mash them into a creamy paste.  I prefer mashing manually by spoon as food processor thins it down into puree form which is almost runny.

Mashed Carrots

Step 3:

Finally, add 1 tsp oatmeal to make a thick paste and also to hydrate skin as retinol tends to exfoliate and may be drying on skin.

Oatmeal face pack

Step 4:

Finally, add honey to nourish your skin with anti-bacterial properties of honey.

Honey Oatmeal Carrot

That’s it, you are done with nourishing carrot face mask which gives you anti-ageing benefits of retinol.

Carrot Face Pack

Just leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water, followed by moisturizer as it causes a little tingling and drying afterwards!

I must say I am really happy to treat my skin with natural retinol.  I haven’t experienced any side effects, but yes, do make sure to use it only on alternate days and not on a daily basis, as my skin turned oragnish when I used it regularly.

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18 thoughts on “Carrot and Honey Anti-Ageing Face Mask: Do It Yourself

  1. We use carrots in one or other ways but I never thought of using it as face mask. These are very much in season & i’ll try this out. Nice DIY Neetu 🙂

    1. U r rt dear.. 🙂 My mum introduced me to these face masks!! Its ultimate mask which not only imparts glow but keeps zits at bay!! I hope u’ll love it on ur skin.. 🙂

  2. Neetu very easy and effective DIY.. i have never tried home made mask….think i shuld give them a try.. and after reading your review… i am more determined.. u have made it look so easy peezyy.. 🙂

    1. He he.. yeah it looks easy peasy as i usually prepare this carrot puree for her and just steal little bit for myself, similarly i grind oats and store them for her daliya, & sumtimes for myself, thats hw i keep on stealing her stuffs.. 😛 😀 lol

  3. I used to take carrot juice and apply on face when i start getting pimples.. It vanishes just the next day.. Will definitely try this pack 🙂 It looks yummy!!! 😀

    1. True dear!! even i used to drink carrot juice to get rid of my acnes in past.. 🙂 Now i just drink, eat and apply carrot like hell!! 😀 Its great for eyesight as well as healthy skin..

    1. ohh.. yeah dear carrot is always beneficial as drink or face mask.. U shud incorporate carrots in ur daily diet as well as skin care regime.. 🙂 I hope u’ll surely notice positive changes in ur skin

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