Vitamins for Weight Loss

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Hope you all are doing good. Today’s article is all about losing weight but in a healthy way. By cutting down extra calories from junk and by consuming the right amount of vitamins in your daily diet, you can achieve a healthy and a sexy body. Let us discuss in detail the goodness of these vitamins below.

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1. Vitamin B

Foods of Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin). Healthy diet eating.

There is a long list of B vitamins and their goodness but the one that catches the attention is vitamin B12. It helps in the synthesis of hemoglobin, thus, increasing energy level and helping in weight loss. B12 can be obtained from meat and fish. Other sources of rest of the eight B vitamins are lentils, beans, and whole grains.

2. Iron

Iron helps in burning fat in your body as it helps in carrying oxygen. Iron can be found in green leafy vegetables like spinach. Other sources are meat, shell fish, etc. Consuming vitamin C helps in absorption of iron in the body. This is the reason why doctors advice to take iron tablets with a glass full of orange juice.

3. Vitamin D

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The best source of vitamin D is the sun. So, if you want a slimmer waist then you need to go out and enjoy the sun. Other sources of vitamin D are yogurt, milk, and fish.

4. Vitamin C

Adding vitamin C to your diet helps in increasing your metabolism. Strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, oranges are all good sources of vitamin C. Try introducing a glass of orange and gooseberry juice daily in your diet or may be a salad as a starter for your lunch and dinner.

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A in food Natural products rich in vitamin A as tangerine, red pepper, parsley leaves, dried apricots, carrots, broccoli, butter, yellow cheese, milk, egg yolk and cod liver oil.

Vitamin A helps in metabolizing food into energy. The best sources of vitamin A are carrots, capsicum, mangoes, apricots, etc.

Above mentioned is some useful information that we need to know about vitamins and their goodness that might help us in losing weight. We must not forget to exercise, of course.

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