Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner Review

Hello beauties,

Today I am going to review this Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner. I always wanted an oil free refreshing toner, and this is such a pretty product. It suits my oily skin nicely. Let’s get into the review.

Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner Review

Product Description:
An alcohol free clarifying toner that cleanses pores, restores skin’s pH balance and purifies skin to make it smooth and radiant.

Rs. 349/- for 150 ml

My Experience with Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner:

I mainly prefer a moisturizing toner during winters, but it still feels little warm in Kolkata. I needed a toner, so I chose this as it is meant for all skin types. It comes in a cylindrical, sky blue colored plastic bottle with a screwed closed cap. The bottle is really handy and good in quality. I like this packaging. This is totally a travel friendly one.

Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner Review1

It comes in a clear watery texture with a very light hint of sky blue color in it. It feels like fresh aqua. It has a pleasant and refreshing smell in it. This sweet smell is very familiar to me, but I can’t recall it. I really like this. As it comes in a watery texture, it feels light on the face. I generally like to apply this with a cotton pad and then gently massage on face.

Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner Review3

Products claims to be alcohol free and dermatologically tested, which is really good. I have noticed that most of the refreshing toners contain alcohol, which my skin does not like. So this is a skin friendly toner. It has never broken me out. I think it suits sensitive skin well. It has an oil free formula that leaves my skin oil free for long. It is very lightweight and does not make skin feel cakey.

Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner Review2

Vivel toner is very gentle on skin and glides smoothly. It gives a cool and refreshing sensation on face. I feel instant freshness and it kind of relaxes my skin. It cleanses all the dirt from face and leaves my skin soft and glowy. It removes all the excess oil from pores and gives an instant freshness to skin. It never makes my skin feel dry or patchy. It makes my skin soft and smooth. I am not saying that it moisturizes my face, but it definitely softens the skin.

Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner Review4

As it has an oil free formula, I need a moisturizer after this. Dry skinned people will find it a little drying, considering the current season.  It can nicely clean up all the extra makeup left even after cleansing. It helps to maintain my skin’s pH balance and it also shrinks my pores. My pores look smaller after application. But it doesn’t work on my pimples as it claims.

Overall I like this toner for its oil-free formula. It also helps to clarify my skin deeply and removes excess oil and dirt from the pores. Moisturization is necessary after toning, otherwise my skin feels little dry. The company claims that it is good for all skin types, still I don’t think it’s suitable for dry skin.

Pros of Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner:

• Nice travel friendly packaging.
• Has a very soothing and refreshing smell.
• Watery formula feels light on face.
• Alcohol free and oil free also.
• It glides smoothly on my skin, and gives a refreshing sensation.
• It can remove all the dirt and excess oil from face.
• Deeply cleanses the pores and makes skin radiant.
• Keeps skin oil free for long.
• Provides decent softness to skin.
• Good for sensitive and oily skin.

Cons of Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner:

• Not for dry skin.
• Not effective on pimples.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Vivel Cell Renew Clarifying Skin Toner?
Yes I like this oil free refreshing toner. If you want a normal oil free toner for daily use, you may try this one. But this is definitely not for dry skinned people. It can’t provide the much-needed softness for dry skin.

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