Vivel Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream + Scrub Review

Vivel Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream + Scrub Review

Hey everyone,

I recently ran out of my nail paint remover and had to go to the local store to get a new one. One of the SA’s out there bugged me to try this face wash from Vivel. I refused politely, but she did not stop unless I agreed to buy it. So, I grabbed the two products and walked out of the store. Read on to know how the product performed for me.


Product Description:

Pollution brings with it skin damaging free radicals which react to form blemishes on your skin. Cell Renew Pollution Protect is specially designed with powerful antioxidant action that detoxify your skin to protect it from pollution damage.

  • Protective Action: Pomegranate and Vitamin E are known antioxidants that detoxify by neutralizing the free radical effect to keep your skin protected.
  • Purifying Action: Unique cleansing cream + scrub purifies and de-clogs pores.


INR 79


50 ml + 16.5 ml free.

Shelf Life:

17 months.


Cleansing Cream + Scrub

My Experience with Vivel Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream + Scrub:

The face wash comes in a white tube packaging with a flip open cap. I have traveled with this tube and the product did not spill out, so I can say that it is quite travel friendly. The consistency of the face wash is creamy and on the runny side. It has these scrub particles which are not abrasive and provide gentle exfoliation to the skin. It has a very pleasant fruity smell which should not bother sensitive noses. It lathers well and cleans the skin without leaving a slippery feeling behind. However, I don’t think it will suit dry skinned beauties and is meant for oily and combination skin.


Coming to the claims, it definitely does not de-clog pores as I don’t see a reduction in my blackheads after using this. Also, it does not help in removing blemishes. It is just a normal face wash which removes the excess oil from the face and keeps it shine free for about 3 hours. It does add a subtle glow to the face but no major brightening effect is visible. It does a good job at removing light makeup from the face and around the eyes and it did not even sting them. The best part is that it did not break me out, so I was more than happy.

Scrub cleanser

Pros of Vivel Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream + Scrub:

  • Removes the excess oil from the face.
  • Keeps face shine free for about 3 hours.
  • Adds a very subtle glow to the face.
  • Removes light makeup.
  • Did not sting my eyes.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Vivel Cell Renew Pollution Protect Cleansing Cream + Scrub:

  • Does not live up to its claims.
  • Will not suit dry skinned beauties.
  • Loaded with chemicals.

Final Verdict:

I am quite satisfied with this product as it performed well as a face wash. I am happy that the SA did not hand over a useless product to me. Please choose if you want to spend on this or stick to your current favorite.

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