Vivel Luxury Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash Review

Vivel Luxury Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash Review

I am like most other girls out here, who keeps changing body washes and trying a new one every time. I love that sight of cute-looking bottles of shower gels and shampoos in my bathroom cabinet 😛 Of course, we would love to try different variants and flavors. So that was how I picked this body wash from Vivel.  This is the first product I am trying from this brand, did it impress me? Read on:


Product Description:

Vivel Luxury Crème Butter Body Wash is specially formulated with luxuriating creamy lather and skin care molecules of Active pro-N.  Soak up the nourishment of olive butter and the radiance of butter soft skin.


Rs. 65 for 120 ml.



My Take on Vivel Luxury Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash:

There were two variants available – one with shea butter and another one, with olive butter. The shea butter body wash claims to moisturize the skin whereas this one claims to nourish radiant skin. Who doesn’t want a radiant skin, so I picked this one.

Vivel Body Wash 2

The body wash comes in a travel-friendly pack, with a flip-open cap. The pack is sturdy and handy, easy to carry around. You get a free loofah with this pack!  The body wash is a pearly white liquid that is neither creamy thick nor runny in consistency. Its perfect. I love the consistency. The body wash smells very mild and its soothing.  Vivel claims that the body wash is infused with essential oils of Copaiba, Pine and Clove, but I could not find any trace of these essential oils. Like I said, the smell is very mild and it lingers just for the moment you are washing yourself.  Once you rinse off, the smell is gone. The body washes lather very lavishly with a little amount on a wet loofah.

Vivel Body Wash 3

Coming to the nourishing qualities, it is indeed nourishing and makes the skin soft. It is very mild and my skin felt fresh and squeaky clean. I skipped my moisturizer because of the presence of olive butter and my skin didn’t feel dry, but I believe this wouldn’t be the case in winters. I found this body wash easier to rinse off, unlike other creamy body washes.

Vivel Body Wash 4

Pros of Vivel Luxury Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash:

  • Sturdy packaging.
  • Easily available and not pricey.
  • Perfect consistency for a body wash.
  • Lathers pretty well.
  • Claims to have essential oils.
  • Mild pleasant fragrance.
  • Makes your skin soft.
  • Free loofah.

Vivel Body Wash 5

Cons of Vivel Luxury Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash:

  • Fragrance doesn’t stay after you rinse off.
  • The usual list of scary chemicals.

Will I Repurchase Vivel Luxury Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash?

No, I would love to try other brands and other variants.

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5.  This is not that sort of moisturizing body wash that one might need in winters. It does the job of a decent body wash, cleansing and keeps your skin soft. I like it. I would not say this is a must try product when there are plenty of choices to pick and try.  I keep buying something new every time I go for shopping and I think I would even buy the other shea butter variant.

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8 thoughts on “Vivel Luxury Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash Review

  1. *clap* Nice review rama
    the only thing i dont like abt sch body wahse is the creamy kind of feeling left on skin.
    it feels like ou keep wahing yoursel still u tend o feel that soapiness on body *ghost*
    But seems like this one will ease of my this problem *happy dance*
    this will be my next buy 🙂 *puchhi*

    1. True too hate those shower creams that takes tiem to rinse off…
      except for the short lived fragrance,this is good..

  2. I would have gone for this if the fragrance lasted even after rinsing… *haan ji* even i like changing my shower gels just like you *clap* *clap*

    1. yeaha…frangace could have been more stronger…but still i keep trying..and my momkeepsscolding me every tim i add a new bottle in the bathroomshelf.. lol

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