Vivel Luxury Sandal Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash Review

Vivel Luxury Sandal Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash

My dearest Dearies

How’s everyone doing here today? I hope great…

Today I’m, going to talk here about a body wash that I bought the other day from a local store in our locality. Its Vivel deep nourishing body washes in its “luxury sandal creme“variant.


Product description: Deep Nourishing Body Wash Enriched With Milk Butter And Sandalwood Oil.Experience The Radiance Of Butter Soft Skin With The Nourishment Of Milk Butter And The Scent Of Sandalwood Oil. So Mild That Your Body And Face Love It.

The body wash comes in a sturdy white bottle with its flip open cap at its bottom end. A very travel friendly pack which happens to be quite of a handy one too. Now coming to the content, the body wash has a moderate consistency, which is neither too runny nor too thick and has a glowy sandal-wood paste color which tempts me a lot. The smell of this body wash is very very soothing; your olfactory would swell up with the sweet scent of sandalwood.

My experience with Vivel Luxury Sandal Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash:

This is my first body wash from Vivel, the whole package looked appealing and the price is also pocket friendly so I thought to give it a try. It comes with a loofah too, that too a purple one, whereas most body washes /shower gels come with a blue one 😛 (lol). The scent is a beautiful one and your whole bathroom fills up with the sandal-wood fragrance while you’re using it, but that’s it..That where it all ends. Once you rinse it all off it begin disappearing from your body; the sandalwood scent would no longer be there. And talking about moisturizing, it has the goodness of milk-butter and, yes it does moisturizes your skin to some extent that stays for like 2-3 hours. This body wash is also pretty efficient in its work, a little coin sized dollop in the loofah would be good enough to lather up just sufficiently. The quantity is a good bargain seeing the price you are getting it at. It’s an all in all, satisfying product.


Price: INR 65

Quantity: 125ml

Shelf life: 24months

Pros of Vivel Luxury Sandal Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash:

• Affordable
• Easily available
• Travel friendly packaging
• Very sweet fragrance of sandalwood
• Very little required
• Has the goodness of milk-butter
• Free (purple) loofah


Cons of Vivel Luxury Sandal Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash:

• Doesn’t moisturize skin to the degree as claimed
• Fragrance doesn’t last

Do I recommend it: yes of course..give it a try!!

Would I repurchase it: probably not..I’d like to try out something new.

Rating: 4/5

See you next time girls..take care!

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3 thoughts on “Vivel Luxury Sandal Creme Deep Nourishing Body Wash Review

  1. *thankyou* Devleena for the review..i too saw it in stores 🙂 … i keep trying new body washes for fragrances *drool* *drool* .. will give dis a try smtym *haan ji*

  2. I have the olive butter variant and it works perfectly for me. In fact its so VFM that I’ve been using for the past one month everyday and yet half the bottle is left. Would love to try all the variants available.

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