Vivel Volume and Bounce Shampoo (oily to normal hair) Review

Vivel Volume and Bounce Shampoo (oily to normal hair)

Hello lovelies,
Back again to bother your sense of sight again 🙁 What happens when you ask your father to pick up a shampoo or so while at the hypermarkets/ supermarket? This! (the above product!) We expect L’oreal/ Tresemme/ Pantene/ Sunsilk/ Ayur even to end up with, but we instead are surprised with two, yes two bottles of Vivel! (and a huge lecture too, about cleansers are just cleansers) :-/

Price & Quantity:
109/- for 200ml

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of mfg.

Company Claims:
Experience the richness of beautiful, voluminous hair with Vivel Volume and Bounce shampoo. Let your hair down and feel the bounce in your hair as you make the world swing to your beat. Turn up the volume and enjoy the ounce in every step.



My Experience with Vivel Volume and Bounce Shampoo:

Now that we know how this pinkness ended up in my ‘jholi’, it turned out to be a pretty interesting product. It claims to contain Jojoba Oil (now, c’mon we all know the “pluses” of jojoba oil, don’t we?) and extra conditioners. However, I do end up using a Garnier conditioner after cleansing with this particular shampoo. So when I ran out of my fav Herbal Essences, I picked this up to give it a try and also that the bottle’s a pink I love, and honestly was astounded with the results. Since, it’s a detergent/surfactant-based (read SLS) I dilute a requisite amount with water and go about the usual routine. Once done with towel drying, I either let my hair air-dry or blow dry. When left with air drying, I could notice a subtle shine and volume; rather lift on the crown of my head. My hair felt smooth and bouncy (Yes! Ha!). Btw, I have a n oily scalp & dry hair ends. With a blow dry (and all the serums) the shine was more intense and the hair more voluminously bouncy. This shampoo cleanses well, and I didn’t head to the bathroom on the 3rd day for a good head wash (however, the 4th day my laziness flew out the day and I marched in with shampoo/conditioner/mask).


Summing up the Pros and Cons:

Pros of Vivel Volume and Bounce Shampoo:

1. Does what it claims. (I could party on that pro!)
2. Adds a subtle shine to hair.
3. Cleans hair efficiently well (however, heavily oiled hair may require a tad bit more amount of shampoo)
4. Goodness of Jojoba Oil.
5. Affordable & easily available
6. Leak proof, tight packaging.

Cons of Vivel Volume and Bounce Shampoo:

1. Contains SLS.
2. One may not skip conditioner post cleansing using this shampoo.

Would I repurchase/Recommend?: Well, if my dada ends up picking this again, maybe. Otherwise, my loyalty lays elsewhere. Recommend? Yes! It fulfils its claims with an extra bonus (that shine!). What more do you want your shampoo to do? Dance!!? 😛

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5 (- .5 for the SLS part)

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6 thoughts on “Vivel Volume and Bounce Shampoo (oily to normal hair) Review

  1. This weather is taking such a great toll on my hair! My hair is super oily every single day! I am washing them everyday! *headbang* *headbang* *headbang*

    1. Had i been going to college I’d wash so every alternate day, and if home my mum would complain I wash too much. But now I am home and not facing much of the weather and wash just twice a week, she complains if I even bother to wash my hair in months o_O *cry*

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