VLCC Acne Control Tea Tree Spot Gel Review


Hi everyone!!!

I have a chronic problem of back acne. It started 3-4 years back and flares up every summer. My upper back gets full with acne and later those acne left scars. Because of the scars I am always afraid of wearing deep necks. When a beautician saw that, she advised me to use Vlcc acne control tea tree spot gel.

vlcc acne control tea tree spot gel review

Now let’s find out whether this spot gel made any difference or not.

What the product claims:
This spot application gel has an effective formulation that unclogs the pores and dries out acne and pimples. Tea tree and clove help in mitigating blemishes and give a clear skin tone.

Method of use:
On a thoroughly cleansed skin, apply this gel on acne spots and pimples, leave overnight.

VLCC Acne control gel review

For best results:
Use this gel every night on active acne. Use vlcc clove massage gel and peppermint face pack, thrice a week to support the healing of acne faster.

Extracts of long pepper 1%, margosa 1% and holy basil 1%, oils of clove 0.3%, tea tree 0.35%, rosemary 0.25%, lavender 0.2%, gel base Q.S.

Rs 215 for 50 ml

3 years from date of manufacture

My experience with the product:
I have been using this gel every summer for last 2 years. It comes in a sturdy plastic jar which is travel friendly because no matter how you throw it in your handbag, the product doesn’t leak out. The gel is green in color and has the smell of pepper and clove. I apply it on any active acne on my face after washing my face. On my upper back, I apply it on the acne as well as the scars which I have due to previous acne. It gives a cooling sensation when applied on the acne. It has I apply it only overnight because of the green color of the gel. Only a coin size quantity is required for entire upper back. It spreads very well and blends easily. It gets absorbed within seconds and doesn’t give any sticky or oily feeling on the face or acne later. But If I sweat or cry, my face starts feeling sticky. If applies very close to the eye, it irritates my eyes and my eyes start watering.

VLCC Acne control gel tea tree gel

Swatches: left- without flash; right- with flash

Now coming to the effects of this gel. I have always noticed that my pimples become smaller the next morning and whenever I use it religiously, I mean daily, it lightens the scars on my back as well. Acne heal faster and don’t leave a scar. . It imparts a very healthy glow to face and areas where it is applied. This gel has actually worked miracles for me because no other product other than this has ever lightened my acne scars. But, it doesn’t prevent acne break outs. Well, it doesn’t claim to do that either


  •  Subsides acne
  •  Acne heal faster and don’t leave a scar
  •  Lightens blemishes
  •  Imparts glow
  •  Has tea tree and cloves
  •  Absorbs instantly
  •  Doesn’t give sticky or oily feeling
  •  Imparts cooling sensation
  •  No chemicals
  •  Affordable
  •  Travel friendly
  • Decent quantity. One jar can be used for 2-3 months.


  •  Green in color (cant be applied at day)
  •  Smells weird
  •  Irritates eyes if used very close to eye
  •  Gets sticky after sweating
  •  Jar packaging is always unhygienic
  •  Doesn’t prevent acne break outs

IMBB rating:
4/5 (-1 for irritating eyes and its smell) even with so many cons, it’s a 4 for me because it actually works and is true to its claims.

Will I buy it again? it’s already my fourth jar. Yes, I am going to buy it again. I always keep this gel in my closet even when I don’t need it.

Do I recommend?
If you are prone to acne and have scars, give this gel a try.

Hope you liked my review!! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “VLCC Acne Control Tea Tree Spot Gel Review

    1. Hi Swadha. I have sensitive skin and it hasn’t given me any trouble. so, i guess its suitable for sensitive skin. 🙂

  1. I once used vlcc’s carrot cream and liked it, since you’re saying it lightens your scars a little, i think i’ll give this a try. nice review !

    1. Thanks Christine 🙂 It definitely helped me in lightening my scars to some extent. I hope it works on You. 🙂

  2. Surbhi, nice rview..i have the same prob of acne scras on my upper bck.i used alotion called “calamine” and it did reduce the scars..but I just stoppped for no good reason..now u have reminded me again..probably i will try this..

    1. Thanks Rama 🙂
      I also stop using this sometimes without any reason. but then my acne flare up and i go back back to this gel again. 😛

    1. You are most welcome flygirl 🙂
      I hope it works for you. but please use it daily. don’t b lazy like me. lol. 😛

  3. surbhi,everyday is everything in beauty.i read that somewhere.i have apple cider vinegar i have a problem using it everyday

    1. That’s a good line and it definitely is absolutely correct. i have problems using my skin care everyday. 😛 But, after reading your lines, i will definitely try to be more regular with my skin care now. Thanks flygirl 🙂

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