VLCC Anti-Ageing Vitalift Serum with Comfrey and Soy Review

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So I am finally getting time to write reviews on products I bought some time ago. Today I will pen down my experience With VLCC Anti-Ageing Vitalift Serum with Comfrey and Soy. Read on to know how it fared.

VLCC Anti-Ageing Vitalift Serum with Comfrey and Soy

Price: Rs. 405 for 40ml

Product Description:
Comfrey has a potent skin-healing agent called allantoin, which aids wound repair, is anti-inflammatory and accelerates skin healing. When combined with Soy which is purported to diminish wrinkles, reverse sun damage and tighten sagging skin, a unique formulation in the form of VLCC Vitalift Serum is created. Enriched with the best anti-aging extracts, the serum promotes new skin cell growth and helps reduce inflammation, maintaining healthy skin.

• Fades wrinkles.
• Tightens the skin.
• Suitable for all skin types.


Packaging: I like the sturdy pink and white bottle, with all the necessary information written on it. It has a pump dispenser which works just fine and dispenses small amount of product. The bottle has two caps-one for the pump only and another bigger one, which close securely. Unlike many other serums, which come in glass bottles, this bottle is of plastic. I find it to be an attractive and travel friendly product.

My Experience with VLCC Anti-Ageing Vitalift Serum with Comfrey and Soy:

The texture is liquid, but not exactly very runny. The translucent fluid is off-white in color, with a faint fragrance. The texture makes it easy to apply evenly and gets absorbed into skin soon.

Serums penetrate the skin much more easily, and help giving a brighter even look. This serum which my mom applies in the morning before her day cream/sunscreen and at night before her night cream, leaves no sticky or greasy feeling. In fact, it absorbs so easily, and keeps skin well hydrated. My normal-combination skin doesn’t feel dry or stretchy, but my mom follows it up with a moisturizer to seal in the goodness of the serum.


The serum does impart a glow to skin, making it more radiant and soft. Also, it gives a more even texture, making it look brighter. Fine lines look less prominent, and my mom’s under eye area looks more hydrated and clear. I doubt whether it would work on deeper furrows and laugh lines, but nonetheless this serum reduces appearance of large pores. Also sagging skin doesn’t show such improvement.


I find it to be a good base for makeup, as my skin can’t take moisturizers and creams, before foundations or BB creams. I am definitely happy with this product for it performs well both for me and my mother.

Pros of VLCC Anti-Ageing Vitalift Serum with Comfrey and Soy:

• Attractive travel friendly packaging.
• Right texture.
• Easily absorbed.
• Non-sticky.
• Makes skin look more even and radiant.
• Reduces appearance of pores.
• Serves as a makeup base.
• Fine lines look less prominent.


Cons of VLCC Anti-Ageing Vitalift Serum with Comfrey and Soy:

• Doesn’t work on deeper wrinkles.
• Doesn’t reduce skin sagging.

IMBB Rating – 3.75/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase VLCC Anti-Ageing Vitalift Serum with Comfrey and Soy?
Yes, it’s worth the money if you want to keep ageing signs in check.

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