VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit Review

VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit


Today my review is about VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit. I have been using this since years when my skin lightening journey started and it worked very well for me.

VLCC De-Pigmentation Facial Kit

This treatment helps in reducing hyperpigmentation.this line of treatment contains liquorices,spirulina and aromatic compouds.It helps fade freckles,lightens and even skin tone,and improve clarity.

Price-120 inr for one sachet[one sachet lasts for about 2-3 facials


Each kit contains four sachets each of 10 grams:
VLCC de pigmenting powder
VLCC de pigmenting oil
VLCC de pigmenting cream
VLCC de pigmenting pack

depigmentation powder

Individual details:

VLCC de-pigmentation powder:

Claims-this cleansing powder with the goodness of long pepper and gooseberry helps in removal of dead epithelial cells.it revitalizes skin,shrinks the pores,and lihtens blemishes and age spots

Ingredients-clove oil-0.1%,long pepper 5%,liquorce3%,turmeric2%,powders of red earth 10%,zinc oxide 1%,almond 4%,gum acacia2%,indian goseberry10%,kaolin Q.S

Directions-After cleansing the skin mix this powder with any citrus fruit[use only mausami for sensitive skin]and make a paste.appy evenly all over face,massage gently for 5 minutes leave dry.wipe clean

My Take on VLCC de-pigmentation powder:

depigmentation powder

This is the best scrub I have ever used in my life[wish if its available separately]. This is a moderately fine scrub powder which is gray in color. It does the scrubbing part gently and so effectively. It has clove-like smell which is very strong but tolerable. I can feel the difference with this scrub immediately.

fairness powder


VLCC De pigmentation oil-

de pigmentation oil

Claims-carrot seed oil &wheat germ oil in this concentrate make it penetrate deep to help in de pigmenting and skin lightening.it leaves the skin clean ,clear and glowing

fairness oil


wheat germ oil 3%,sunflower oil 14%,almond oil 2%,sesame oil 12%,ground nut oil 5%,carrot seed oil 1%,palmarosa oil 0.5%,lemon peel oil 0.2%,coconut 4%,liquorices extract 1%, mineral oil q,s


Mix this oil in combination with de pigmentation cream and massage over face and neck for 15-20 minutes.concentrate on problematic areas.then wipe of using a hot damp towel

My take on VLCC De pigmentation oil:

The oil is very light on skin absorbs so quickly into the skin.It is light green in color and has a strong clove smell,in spite of the strong smell it dosent irritate the nose. My skin feel so clean after I use this oil and it does theskin lighteing part very well.


VLCC de-pigmentation cream-

de pigmentation cream

Claims-liquorce extract and lemon grass oil give this cream a deep nourishing value.it lightens pigmentation,freckles age spots and rejuvenates the skin


fairness cream

Ingredients-aloevera15,long pepper0.5%,liquorce 0.5%,madder root0.5%,margosa1%,turmeric0.5%,lemon oil 0.5%,sunflower seed oil2%,lemon grass 0.3%,carrot 0.3%. cream q.s

How to use

Mix this oil in combination with de pigmentation cream and massage over face and neck for 15-20 minutes.concentrate on problematic areas.then wipe of using a hot damp towel.

My take on VLCC de-pigmentation cream:

This is my second favorite thing in this facial kit. The cream is white in color very thick in consistency when applied without oil it gets absorbe very quickly. It is perfect in combination with the oil. I can see visible results soon.

Rating: 5/5

VLCC de-pigmentation pack:

de pigmentation pack


This cream pack with goodness of sandalwood and wheat germ oil helps lighten skin and fades discoloration & all types of pigmentation.it leaves skin nourished and revitalized.

fairness pack


aloevera2%,liquorce3%,mulberry2%,cucumber2%,wheat grm oil3%,lemon peel1%,zinc oxide 5%,sandalwood3%,gum acacia2%,kaoline20%,cream base
mix this pack with any citrus juice[use only mausami for sensitive skin]apply a thin layer and leave for 15-20 minutes

My take on VLCC de-pigmentation pack:

This is the only dud in this entire facial kit. It is a cream-bases pack and is very thick in consistency and needs to be diluted. It is such a pain o remove this pack and it always leaves a residue on my skin. It does nothing to my skin .such a waste of 15 minutes of time. I just apply this for the completion sake of this facial.

Rating: 1.5/5

Summing up:

Pros of VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit :

  • This is the best facial kit i have ever used
  • Does the de pigmentation part very effectively.I can see the results  with one facial usage.
  • Dosent break me out even though it might contain so much of oil in it.

Cons of VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit:

  • Consumes a lot of time.
  • Once opened, it is difficult to store the remaining product.

Do I recommend VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit ?

Yes for sure!

IMBB Rating


Hope this review was helpful, stay beautiful!

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  1. I have used VLCC kits the fruit facial, gold, diamond and party glow… all were good *happy dance* *happy dance* never used this one , would definitely like to as it looks promising on the skin lightening part *clap*

  2. Sounds good!! Nice review..
    Now gotta get this for at-home facials…. *jogging* *jogging*
    any idea if its available online?

  3. hey does this product works effectively on hyper pigmentation??? *specs* i have hyper pigmentation problem in my neck area *nababana*

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