VLCC Enbrighten Peeling Night Cream-Review

VLCC Enbrighten Peeling Night Cream-Review

By Kanthi

Hello lovely ladies,

This is my first review for IMBB and I’m super excited. I’ve been following IMBB since a year and a half and not even single day passes without me visiting this site. Thanks a lot everyone for all your wonderful reviews which have always made my job to find good products easy.Ok now.. Here goes the review. The product I chose to review today is VLCC “Enbrighten”’ Peeling Night Cream.
vlcc enbrighten peeling night cream (3)


275 INR

Shelf life:

36 months from Mfg. Date

Net Weight:

vlcc enbrighten peeling night cream (2)

Composition in VLCC Enbrighten peeling night cream:
Polyquaternium-39, Silicon Blend, Bilberry Extract, Papain
Direction for use:

Apply nightly on clean face and neck.

My Opinion about VLCC Enbrighten Peeling Night Cream:

I have always had a love hate relationship with VLCC. Some of the products like their pedicure kit have done wonders and a few like “Orris Root” Face wash have done more bad than good. I have used the cream for over two months after which it got over. Now that I have used it for so long. I can review it well (I think).

vlcc enbrighten peeling night cream

This night cream comes in a yellow packaging and a transparent tub with a silver lid. The packaging is nothing great but it is hatke from the VLCC style of packaging. The cream has a waxy consistency and feels really heavy when applied on the face. It takes a lot of product too.

My face being oily and pimple prone I always get attracted to thing which say “peeling” because I constantly search for products which can do something to my pimple marks. If you’ve got a suggestion please do mention it in your comments. Its consistency is so thick that my face gets all white patches after applying.

Now the pros and cons….

Pros of VLCC Enbrighten Peeling Night Cream:

  • This cream gives me a glowing face each morning after I wake up.
  • It did not break me out as long as I was using it.
  • As soon as I apply it, it gave me slight tingling sensation which makes me feel like it’s actually working on my skin and doing something to it.
  • It has a nice berryish fragrance, which I like.
  • My marks have lightened by 10% or so.

vlcc enbrighten peeling night cream (5)

Cons of VLCC Enbrighten Peeling Night Cream:

  •  The tub like packaging which is extremely unhygienic.
  •  It has not done any wonders to my skin nor to my blemishes.
  • Only key ingredients have been mentioned. I wonder what has given it such waxy consistency.It gives white patches on face. Not sure if they vanish after sometime, as I go to bed as soon as I apply it.
  • Doesn’t live up to its claim that it evens out skin tone. It did nothing to my tan. Due to its thick consistency, I feel that my skin is not allowed to breathe when I wear it.

Now the big question- Will I repurchase this product? :

Mmm I don’t think so. I’m now hunting for a new and effective night cream

IMBB Rating:


Hope you enjoyed this review. See you all next time. Until then..Tadaa..

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15 thoughts on “VLCC Enbrighten Peeling Night Cream-Review

  1. Great review Kanthi! I am not very fond of VLCC brand myself..
    You can try using a baking soda scrub on your acne prone skin..it helps lighten the blemishes and clears up blackheads too. 🙂

  2. hi kanthi..great review! i m using this cream on arms to get rid of tan. i did notice slight improvement in a week or so. may be u shud use sunblock religiously while using this cream to reap better results. i agree..its very waxy.

    1. Jomol di.. Why don’t u try estee lauder night repair serum? On reading so many reviews that it does all the possible good to acne prone skin , I ve just purchased it and yet to open the package even. But have high hopes !

      1. Hi,
        I too read the amazing reviews about this serum and bought it with high hopes. All ruined as it broke me into cystic acne 🙁 Now, using it on neck only. I have oily & acne prone skin.

  3. it didn’t aggravate your acne i hope. o have acne-prone skin. I will give it a shot if you give me green signal 😀

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