VLCC Groome Essential Cosmetic Tool Kit

VLCC Groome Essential Cosmetic Tool Kit

VLCC groome cosmetic tool kit

About the Brand:
Get gorgeous with ‘groome’ style accessories! Groome is a stylish and premium range of beauty accessories from the house of VLCC, designed to give you the best results with each usage. Groome enhances your beauty care regime, from beautiful toes to flawless makeup, helping you achieve that show-stopper look!

travel brush kit

299 INR for the kit.

Essential Cosmetic Tool Kit:
It includes 5 cosmetic brushes and one foundation sponge.

Let me just go through each of the brushes.

1. Blusher Brush:

blusher brush

rati beauty ad

For application of powder blusher.

The fluffy and soft bristles pick just the right amount of blush making the task of blush application really easy for a novice like me. The bristles are really soft and don’t shed a bit. I have washed them quite a few times, but it is still in good condition except for some 4/5 hairs that have changed their path and have gone wayward now :P. Please refer to the picture below to see what I mean.

blusher brush closeup

2. Eyeshadow Brush:

For defining, blending and shading your eyeshadow powder.

Eyeshadow brush

This is my favorite of the lot, does its job perfectly. The bristles are both soft and stiff. I hope that makes some sense :P. The tip is really nice for applying shadow on the lower lash line as well. :haanji: This too passes the wash test with no shedding. :thumbsup:

3. Eyeshadow Applicator:

For defining and contouring your eyeshadow powder. Can be used dry or damp.

eyeshadow applicator

Hmmm, what should I say about this. This is the elder brother of the regular sponge applicator we get with the eyeshadow. Just a bit extra long and strong (in that order).  I don’t use it much for the fear it might have the same fate as its junior versions. In plain words, “useless.” 😛

A closer look.

applicator brush

4. Lip Brush:

For precision, application of your favorite lip color or gloss.

Lip brush

This is again one of my favorites. It fills the lips so nicely. The tip is a little pointed which helps in lining the lips properly when you are going for a dark lipstick with a tendency to bleed. I love it so much that now I prefer to apply lipsticks with this brush only. It totally gives you the much-needed control. :haanji:

5.  Eyebrow and Lash Groomer:

Blend eyebrow color and shape brows with the brush. Use the comb to separate eyelashes.

eyebrow brush

This is also one of the least-used brushes among the five.  I can see that some people may like it more than me. I have not tried it, but have a feeling that it will work fine as an eyebrow color blender. I have really really dark eyebrows, so I don’t use any eyebrow filler/powder, but it comes handy when I need to shape those, which is very rare. As far as the comb goes, I don’t see any use for this too. Mascara does the job of separating the lashes quite nicely.

A closer look.


6. Foundation Sponge:

For smooth application of foundation.


It makes foundation application really easy. Blends the foundation evenly and effortlessly. It’s almost impossible to get a streaky application with this sponge. If you have used the Lakme 9 to 5 compact, then I can tell you its better than that as far as the application is concerned. Need to be a little less delicate though!!!! If you are someone who uses makeup base too often, then I am afraid, it will not last long and the amount it soaks up is also a matter of concern!!!!

cosmetic brushes

Now for the size comparison, these are really small and handy. Fit for your travel bag and a makeup newbie like me. I like how they are easy to handle unlike the Vega brushes which are HUGE for me. One look at this and the first thought that came to my mind was “it’s a carpenter’s brush” (blame my profession 😛 )


My Rating:
3.9 out of 5.

The bristles are not harsh on your skin and easy to handle. How long they will last is a question to be asked though!!! For the price, I really can’t complain and some of these brushes are actually awesome. So, till the time I get my hands steady with makeup, I’ll keep on using this.

If you are still in the learning phase and would like to get a hang of the “brush thing,” then you can definitely give these a try, totally worth it!!!!

Will I Repurchase?

I think for now it’s doing a great job and when I am ready to experiment more, I will invest in some really good quality brushes.

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26 thoughts on “VLCC Groome Essential Cosmetic Tool Kit

  1. This seems to be a good kit at that price……Great review Jyo!!! :waytogo: I love such foundation sponges..sometimes I use them to apply cream blushers too!! :toothygrin:

    1. He he.even i think its great for d price kimi.nvr tried the sponge tht way. ‘ll definitely try tht. The only prb is i ve to get a cream blush now O:)

  2. just curious- are these more travel size or regular size? if travel size, when would one use it? reason is that brushes are anyways pretty light, non messy and no fuss so my personal thing is that even while travelling i’d take my regular size brushes. :ghost2: :ghost2: sorry just my personal opinion ofcourse.. :whistle:

    1. Aruna.its travel size i guess. i’ve not tried any other regular sized brush so no idea. 😐 😐 😐 but its very comfortable to use n really handy. if u already hv some good quality brushes then its definitely not for you. is great for novices like me but :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

      1. ya that is true..its a good beginners kit..and branded brushes can be pretty expensive. Thanks for taking my comment so positively. :puchhi:

  3. i’m also in learning phase and new to make up. i’ll buy my first make-up brushes soon. Now i’m confused between this and the faces travel pack :stars: :stars:

      1. try both of them at the counters na!!! so u’ll get to know better. VLCC groome has a counter in infinity mall,malad…..so i think they must hv one in ur city too. :))

        not doing actually. m 2007 passout. u r doing architecture???? :))

        1. sure i’ll try both at counters then 😀
          oh great! :waytogo: I did architecture for an year, but then shifted to town planning in a better college :))

  4. this looks good jyo. I mean people who are new with makeup cna really work with these ones before moving on to the expensive ones na.. :)) Thanks for sharing 😉 :teddy:

    1. yup Rati. thts y i luve these kind of chhotu packs more. :teddy: :teddy: i can practice with these n when m ready, i’ll get the sigma ones :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  5. oh great!! :thanks: jyo
    i think i saw them in urban touch..but was a bit apprehensive to order… now i can happily give it a shot :yahoo: :yahoo:
    any info on the vega set of seven make up brushes ?:) they same to look good though!

  6. Whoa, I had no idea that such brush sets came! Thanks for the review, Jyo. I’m going to try my hand at make-up using this kind of kit. :toothygrin:

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