VLCC Hair Defense Dandruff Care and Control Shampoo Review

Hair Type: Thin, wavy, dry and frizzy

Hello ladies,

After having a good experience with VLCC Hairfall Control Shampoo. I was a little consoled enough and I tried this Dandruff Control shampoo. As mentioned earlier, I have been facing dry and flaky scalp issues, for which I stick to basic coconut oil. Though, the oil has resolved the issue up to a great extent but still I had mild dandruff issues. Read on further to know how it worked for me?


Product Description:


Price and Quantity: 255 INR for 350ml



My Experience with VLCC Hair Defense Dandruff Care and Control Shampoo:


The shampoo comes in long and cylindrical clear plastic bottle. This bottle shuts with a white colored flip cap that shuts tightly and makes this bottle spill proof. The clear bottle helps to keep a watch at the amount of product left. This is a 350 ml bottle and it is quite bulky for travel purposes. The bottle has the brand’s tagline on the front side and other product related details at its back. Overall, the packaging is quite sturdy but very bulky for carrying around.


The shampoo is light yellow in color and has a thick gel like consistency. Though, it is thick but still the product slips off from the palm while creating lather between the palms. The shampoo has a strong citrusy smell that is not very pleasing and not very natural. I personally do not like its smell much. But, I am glad the smell lasts only for a few minutes and fades away gradually.
This shampoo lathers up very perfectly on my oiled hair. A good amount is required to work on my heavily oiled hair. It deeply cleanses all oil and dirt from my hair.


The formula is non-drying. I would not say it is moisturizing but it retains enough moisture and prevents my scalp from drying. It adds some sort of volume to the hair. So, it is definitely a good option for people with thin and limp hair. My hair looks shiny and bouncy post washing. My hair does not become smooth and soft with this shampoo. Hence, I prefer using a conditioner post wash to keep my hair soft and manageable. My hair stays tangle free and easy to manage. It soothes itchy and dry scalp. I have noticed a significant decrease in dry scalp and dandruff issues. It does not control frizz. So, following up with a conditioner is mandatory.


Pros of VLCC Hair Defense Dandruff Care and Control Shampoo:

• Good packaging.
• Mild fragrance.
• Thick gel like consistency.
• Lathers well.
• Cleanses hair deeply.
• Does not dry out the hair.
• Retains enough moisture.
• Keep hair tangle free.
• Gives enough volume to the hair.
• Reduced dandruff and itchy scalp issues.

Cons of VLCC Hair Defense Dandruff Care and Control Shampoo:

• Cannot control frizz.
• Using Conditioner is must.
• Does not make here super soft.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase VLCC Hair Defense Dandruff Care and Control Shampoo?

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