VLCC Hair Fall Repair Conditioner Review

VLCC Hair Fall Repair Conditioner Review

Helllooooo to all the beautiful, charming and gorgeous ladies!!!!

Today, I am going to review a product which is seriously underrated, but I am glad I gave it a try, because it turned out to be the best thing my hair has ever tried. It is the VLCC Hair fall Repair Conditioner with Hibiscus Extract and Coconut Oil.


First off, let me tell you a little bit about my hair. I have waist length, super straight and silky hair, which is really my asset (touchwood), and an oily scalp. There is one typical thing about this combination; if you find your HG hair product, your tresses will be beautiful, or else they will be limp and dull. I have had many terrible experiences, even with most trusted brands. Anyway, shampoo will be another review, with the tales behind it 😛 . Also, I have a hair fall problem, nominal though, but which increases when the time for my CA results and exam comes; in that order. Coming to conditioners, I have never experienced anything extraordinary, for my hair, every conditioner is same, so I experiment a lot, as it is the only thing in which I can have some variety. However, after using this one, I don’t think I am going to change it for a long time.


VLCC Hair Fall Repair Conditioner comes in a tube packaging with a flip top cap. The packaging is travel friendly and the cap is secure to prevent any kind of leakage.


I have this in a 100 ml tube which is for 105 INR, really affordable.

Product Details:

Pictures speak better than words, so here is one for you containing all the ingredients and directions.


My Experience with VLCC Hair Fall Repair Conditioner:

Since the day I have started using conditioners (and that is from a very long time ), I am sure it is just not I, but all of us have been advised that conditioners are meant for hair, and not scalp.  However, as you can decipher from the above picture, this one is an exception and is meant to be massaged on both scalp and hair after hair wash.  I have an oily scalp and was really skeptical about using something containing oil (coconut in this one) on my scalp, that too right after shampooing. Still, I had to try, so I did. I am super glad I did.


My hair, when dry, is super soft, even more silky, and shiny. I loved what it did to my hair, and it claims to not even contain chemicals like silicones which most serums have nowadays. My hair fall reduced by 70% after fourth use only. I thought maybe it is because of the VLCC shampoo conjunction, so I used this with Nyle (the only other shampoo which suits me, for days I have oiled my hair). The result was same. I use Biotique Margosa on days when I feel I have teeny meeny dandruff because of winters (these are the only three brands which suit my hair); I have used this conditioner with it too, and result was still the same – soft, healthy and shining tresses. I could not stop touching my hair *happydance* *happydance*.


Pros of VLCC Hair Fall Repair Conditioner:

  • Makes hair soft, healthy and shiny.
  • Safe for use on scalp, as per directions.
  • No silicones and parabens. *happydance*
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.

Cons of VLCC Hair Fall Repair Conditioner:

Believe me, I wanted to find one. That’s why I did not review it right away after the first use; but I could not. Its simply perfect for my hair *happydance*

IMBB Rating:

My Ratometer rates VLCC Hair Fall Repair Conditioner 5/5. Its affordable and delivers what it promises.  Yes, I do recommend. However, I feel that your hair type defines the product that will suit you, but do try this once. Its herbal and even if it doesn’t suit you, it won’t harm your hair.

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  1. 5/5 *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*
    mee too have extremely oily scalp *cry* *cry* *cry*
    m surely gonna get this thing tomorrow itself, super affordable and easily available *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

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