VLCC Hair Smoothening Shampoo Review

So I was searching on net for some good shampoo and conditioner to tame this stupid dry and frizzy hair of mine. Suddenly this VLCC hair smoothening shampoo caught my eye. I decided to read some reviews of this product before buying one, but couldn’t find any! I went ahead and decided to try my luck and buy this product and see it for myself. Let’s get started with the review now to see if it’s actually worth buying!


What It Claims:

Now get the benefit of Shampoo and Conditioner in one product with rare combination of Wheat Germ Extracts and Honey. Its Insta smoothening formula gives deep cleansing and leaves your hair extra smooth instantly. Honey, with its water retaining property maintains moisture during the hair wash. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is rich in Vitamin E, it gives volume, bounce and manageability to frizzy hair.

Price and Volume:

Rs.170 for 200ml.

(I got it for 140/- since they were giving discounts at that time)

Ingredients & How To Use:


My Experience with the VLCC Hair Smoothening Shampoo:

As soon as my package got delivered (since I bought it online), I opened it immediately to find this sturdy and good looking white bottle inside. The bottle looks nice and it’s easy to hold. It has a silvery-grey coloured flip-open cap. Both, the bottle and the cap is travel friendly and leak-proof. The smell is really nice and pleasant, which I liked. The product is white in color. The consistency of the product is a bit thick. I know in the picture it looks runny or silky but trust me ITS NOT. It’s so thick that it doesn’t spread on wet hair evenly. Every time I use this shampoo I need to dilute it in a half-cup of water and spread it on my wet hair and scalp *sigh*. The first time I applied this shampoo I had a smile on my face because of the smell and also because of the thought that this shampoo would deep cleanse my hair and leave it smooth instantly like it claimed. After leaving it for 2-3minutes and washing it out, my hair did feel smooth and silky and I was super happy! I didn’t use any conditioner because this shampoo acts like both shampoo and conditioner like it claimed. I was happy that I didn’t have to buy any conditioner separately. As soon as my hair dried, I was shocked. My hairs felt like straw ( u know what straw is right??? The thing that cow chews all day long). It felt so rough and dry and frizzy that I felt like crying. I read somewhere long time ago that it takes time for your hair to adjust to the new shampoo and its ingredients so I decided to continue using it for a few weeks to give it proper time to adjust to the new ingredients and hoping the result would change one day and my hair would become smooth. Its been one and a half months since I started using this shampoo and I feel like I have become half bald already! My hairfall has increased so much and it did NOT make my hair smooth in even one and a half months let alone be instantly.


Pros of VLCC Hair Smoothening Shampoo:

o Sturdy, travel friendly, leak-proof bottle.
o Nice fragrance.
o Affordable price.
o Easy availability.

Cons of VLCC Hair Smoothening Shampoo:

o Dried out my hair totally.
o Stripped off all my natural hair oils and made it super frizzy even after using it for over a month.
o Increased my hairfall.
o Thick enough to not to spread on wet hair and scalp evenly.
o Did not made my hair bouncy, manageable or reduce its frizziness.
o It has SLES!!!
o It did not fulfil anything it claimed.



IMBB Rating:


(-1 for SLES, -1 for it didn’t do anything it claimed, -1 for increasing my hairfall, -1 for damaging my hair even more)

Would I buy VLCC Hair Smoothening Shampoo Again?

A BIG NO!!!!!! I am wondering what to do with this remaining shampoo in this bottle. I am afraid to use it further because my hair is now so damaged.

I would not recommend this shampoo to anybody. Not even to my worst enemy.

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11 thoughts on “VLCC Hair Smoothening Shampoo Review

  1. OMG! Even I had some bad experiences with VLCC…after that I try to stay away for it. Such a waste product 🙁 You can use it as foot/hand wash now.

    1. Waah!! Not a bad idea!! 😀 I was planning to soak my feet in hot water tonight, definitely going to add this! Hope it doesn’t dry out my skin too!! Thanks ~ 🙂

    1. I was targeting the protein one after this one. But now I don’t think I would!! 😛 too scared to buy some other VLCC product.

  2. sorry to contradict, but its an awesome product. i had real straw like hair( due to straightening and all), which got transformed in to nice soft waves( which i originally had). m so happy to use it. it actually smoothens my waves. i massage this shampoo on my hair and rinse. i never leave for even a minute. infact on oiled hair, u jus have to use it once.
    1 trick which always works for me is that i try not to lather and not to create foam. instead i jus soak my hair in shower and then massage with least of shampoo(coin size) without adding water in hands. theres no need to repeat shampoo or leave for a min or more, even on oiled hair.

  3. I started using this shampoo 2 days before and all i can say this everyone just said wow the hairs are looking soo smooth. I just used the shampoo once alongwith a loreal hair masque and am feeling my hairs volumized than before.they are fluffy soft from the roots and the real wavy texture is maintained.i further wanna try this product and give more reviews. Maybe it works different for every hairs amd yes no hairfall in first wash.it was same as i had with my previous shampoo.
    I think one should try this product.

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