VLCC Lovable Lips Mango Lip Balm Review

VLCC Lovable Lips Mango Lip Balm Review

Hello cutie pies,

As you know, I have already reviewed the strawberry variant from the lot, and now I am here with this Mango variant.  I picked up two of these from the range. Mango has been one of the rare lip balm flavours, so I wanted to try this flavor.  Let’s see whether the mango variant worked or was it “oh-so-ordinary” like the strawberry one.

VLCC Lovable Lips Mango Lip Balm


Rs. 99

Product Description:

VLCC Lovable Lips mango moisturises and softens your lips:

  • This lip balm comes in a fruity mango flavour.
  • It is packaged in a handy pop-up stick that makes it easy to use and carry in your bag.
  • Hydrates and softens your lips.

VLCC Lovable Lips Mango Lip Balm

My Experience of VLCC Lovable Lips Mango Lip Balm:

I have never really tried a mango lip balm, so here I was trying something new and different.  It comes in a very cute yellow and white packaging. The VLCC lip balm comes in a turn-up stick and is very convenient to use. The size is petite hence it can be kept in the pocket and bag for regular touch-ups. The colour is yellow but it will not give any tint to the lips. In fact it leaves behind a whitish cast and that looks very weird.  It completely highlights my chapped lips and sticks to the dry skin on my lips.

VLCC Lovable Lips Mango Lip Balm

The fragrance isn’t that strong; it smells of mango toffee. The scent lingers for about half an hour and then vanishes away. The stick does not have any creaminess at all. The consistency is hard and does not glide smoothly on the lips at all. I had to rub it like an eraser on my lips to get a layer of balm.  I had to swipe it thoroughly 4-5 times to get some lip balm on my lips. A very little lip balm is there on the lips and at times I don’t even feel that kind of hydration that my lips need.


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    1. i know seriously.. what was the purpose of making these really.. i feel sad for them because these did not work.. i wish they had tried these first

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