VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit Review

Today’s review will be on a whitening facial kit. Skin whitening is a very controversial subject in the beauty world, some people oppose it vehemently and some accept it. I use whitening products to get rid of my tan because my skin looks really dull and tired if I am tanned as supposed to looking radiant and toned. Let’s see whether this facial kit helped me in that aspect or not.

VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit Review

Product Description:
VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit product description

INR 99

My Experience with VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit:

This kit comes in a small pink box which is travel friendly itself. The box contains 5 sachets of individual products required for the facial. The sachets can be used individually as a face wash or scrub or face pack while travelling or can be combined together to use in a facial session. The concept is really nice. The box contains a few details but the individual sachets have all the details printed on them on how to use them. Let’s check each of them individually.

VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit outer packaging

VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit

Cleanser-cum-Toner: This cleanser looks exactly like a lotion and feels like one too. It smells really nice. The quantity is enough for 2-3 washes. The cleanser spreads really well on the skin and lathers nicely. It provides a very clean and fresh feeling to the skin without making it too dry. It also tones the skin apparently.

VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening cleansing toner

VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit swatches

Facial Scrub: This scrub is such a beautiful sight to see. It is clear gel with lots of silver particles. It also had a huge chunk of silver particles (I suppose since the silver is one of the ingredients of this scrub). The scrub no doubt looks really pretty with all the glittery goodness. It is a very mild scrub but does an okay job of exfoliating the skin. I like my facial scrubs to be a bit harsher than this one. It didn’t leave my skin super soft, but a wee better than it was before using.


Facial Massage Gel: This is a transparent gel which dries down quickly. I had to keep it moist by spritzing some rose water, so I could massage my skin easily. The quantity is less when compared to other facial kits as we do require a lot of product while massaging. The gel keeps getting absorbed into the skin real quick so you do need ore product here. The gel felt soothing on my skin. A tip here is to keep the gel sachet in the fridge so that when you use it, it feels cool and relaxing on the skin.


Facial Cream: This cream is slightly thicker, feels almost like cold cream. It doesn’t get absorbed into the skin quickly so you have to keep massaging it by taking a little quantity at a time. The quantity of this one was sufficient for one-time use. I personally felt this step was pretty useless as it did nothing to my skin.


Facial Pack: When I applied this pack, it caused a slight burning sensation on my skin. The tingling and burning was there for 3-4 minutes, after which it mitigated. The pack dries down really quickly. The quantity is okay for face and neck.


Overall, I didn’t notice any major changes in my skin after the facial session. Only the scrub and massage gel helped to soften my skin a little bit, but my tan remained the same. This facial experience wasn’t as satisfying as other facial kits that I have tried in the past. My skin still looked dull and didn’t look as if I had pampered it for 30 minutes.

Pros of VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit:

  • Affordable kit.
  • Single-time uses.
  • Products can be used individually or can be combined for one facial session.
  • You can do it this facial yourself without going to the parlour.
  • Quantity of most products is more than enough for one usage.

Cons of VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit:

  • Quantity of massage gel provided is too little.
  • I didn’t notice any difference on my skin.
  • No whitening effect.
  • Did nothing for my skin.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Whitening Mini Facial Kit?
No, although I really recommend using such facial kits and enjoy them myself, I don’t feel like recommending this one to you, but this obviously wouldn’t stop me from purchasing and trying out other facial kits in the market.

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