VLCC Orange Lovable Lips Review

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Today I’ll be sharing a review of one of the flop VLCC lovable lip balms! I got this one and Cherry one before I read Saloni’s review on them. Their attractive packaging and promising claims got to me and it was an impulse buy. But, when I used them, I did not feel like reviewing them. Now that I’m ready to review, though. Let’s get started with the Orange one.

VLCC Orange Lovable Lips Review


INR 99 for 4.5 gm.

My Experience with VLCC Orange Lovable Lips:

Packaging: The packaging if you go to see, is very simple, but yet very catchy and attractive. The bright Orange text on white body is very eye catching. Also, you can see the bright orange coloured balm from the top, which makes it super cute.

VLCC Orange Lovable Lips Review

VLCC Orange Lovable Lips Review

The cap fits well and is transparent. There are details printed in orange on the body. Over all, I give full points on the cute, simple yet very attractive packaging.

Colour/Pigmentation: The colour of this cute lip balm is a bright orange, which is so cute. It’s kind of a orange that makes you feel fresh just by looking at the colour. But, instead of transferring an orange hint to the lips, it imparts sort of milky peach colour, which makes the lips look pale. There’s hardly any orange in it. It makes pigmented lips look horribly pale and halloween-ish.

VLCC Orange Lovable Lips Review

Texture: Surprisingly, the texture of this balm is very smooth, unlike other variants of this balm. It’s a bit waxy and feels very, very light on the lips. In fact, you hardly feel it! It is’t dry or sticky at all. It glides on very evenly. It isn’t that moisturising, but when it’s present on the lips, your lips don’t feel dry.

Staying Power: It doesn’t stay for a long time, but still better staying than the other variants. It doesn’t survive meals as it’s very light in texture. It stays on for about an hour or so and then fades.

Smell/Taste: I do like the fragrance of this lip balm. It reminds me of everything orange flavoured- Cream biscuits, Orange lollies, candies, Orange flavoured Golas, everything! It has a very fresh and pleasant smell that doesn’t linger much, so sensitive noses won’t have any problem with it. It has no taste what so ever.

VLCC Orange Lovable Lips Review

VLCC Orange Lovable Lips Review

Pros of VLCC Orange Lovable Lips:

• Very affordable.
• Packaging is simple, yet cute and catchy.
• Has a very refreshing fragrance that is not over powering.
• No taste.
• Isn’t drying on the lips and has smooth and light texture.

Cons of VLCC Orange Lovable Lips:

• Imparts horrible milky peach colour that makes the lips look like that of a corpse.
• Very low staying power.
• Is not at all hydrating.

IMBB Rating:

3 / 5

Final Verdict:

It’s not as moisturising as our beloved Baby Lips, but then when it’s on your lips it isn’t drying either. If compared to the other variants that are already reviewed here, on IMBB, this one is surely the best.

If you are a lip balm hoarder, you won’t be that disappointed with this balm. But if looking for a healing and really moisturising lip balm, then forget this.

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