VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

By Amrita S.

Hi All,

VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

This is my first review on IMBB.  Nevertheless, I have now become an addict of this blog and can’t end my day without reading the reviews by you wonderful people. Getting back to my review, I have been a fan of The Body Shop Oat and Honey Face Scrub cum Mask and this is the first time I actually tried VLCC. The reason I actually bought this was because I was intrigued by the brand which I think started off as a “weight loss clinic” and have recently launched so many skin care products in the market.

Fruit facial kit

This pack worth Rs. 150 /- comes with a herbal bleach worth Rs. 45/- free.  The entire pack is going to last me for at least 3-4 facials and I think this is worth my money. This pack is supposed to have 5 satches of 10 – 15 gms each of Papaya Seed Scrub, Cucumber Gel, Peach Massage Cream, Orange Anti-Tan Pack, and Green Apple Lotion. I must mention that pack that I had bought did not have the Cucumber Gel.   😐 Wish, I had noticed it in the store itself, but I was too lazy to do so and only realized it when I opened the pack at home to do my facial.


Rs. 150 for 5 satches of 10 gms each.

Product Description:

VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial lightens blemishes, minimises enlarged pores and fades superficial pigmentation. It also provides even skin tone and fairer complexion.

  • Papaya Face Scrub – Helps removing blemish and superficial pigmentation.
  • Cucumber Gel – Cools the skin while leaving it visibly radiant and refreshed.
  • Peach Massage Cream – Tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and lightens age spots.
  • Orange Anti Tan Pack – Improves skin complexion.
  • Green Apple Skin Guard Lotion – Helps preventing pimples & blemishes.

My Experience with VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit:

1. Papaya Scrub:

Papaya Scrub

Ingredients List:  Papain, Yogurtune Powder, Aloe Vera Extract, Trihlose, Walnut Powder, Citric Acid, Vitamin E.

I cleaned my face before using this. This comes as a fine white powder which needs to be mixed with sufficient quantity of water which then turns into a pale orange paste with soft granules. When applied, the paste gives a faint papaya smell which goes away after 5 minutes. You have to apply this, let it dry for 5-7 minutes, scrub the face with water and wash it off. I must mention that there was a heavy tingling sensation on applying this pack. Post scrubbing though my face felt squeaky clean, the tingling sensation remained for some time.

2. Cucumber Gel:

Ingredient List : Bihidana Extract, Agar Agar Extract , Watermelon Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Cucumber Extract, Gel base QS.

The pack says to apply the gel for 20 minutes and wipe off with moist cotton. This is supposed to give a cooling sensation to the face. Since I did not get this in my pack, I had to skip this procedure, but I can imagine how the cool cucumber gel would have felt on my skin, which still had the tingling sensation from the scrub.

3. Peach Cream:

Peach Cream

Ingredient List:  Peach Extract, Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Cellulose, Silicon Blend.

The pack says to apply sufficient amount as required on the face and neck. This cream has a very thick consistency with small, soft, orange granules. This should be applied only as little as possible to avoid feeling greasy. Though I did not really like the texture, I just loved the faint smell of peaches of the cream.

4. Orange Tan Pack:

Orange Face Pack

Ingredients List:  Orange Peel Extract, Silicon Blend, Vitamin E, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, CMC Sodium, Gum Accacia, Magnesium Carbonate, Bentonite.

This pack consists of a thick paste which needs to be mixed with water to get the right consistency before it is applied as a face pack. Must say, this pack smells very much like sugar boiled orange candy (orange “Poppins” to be precise) and the smell lingered on for almost 15 minutes even after I washed it off once it had dried. The pack dried off after almost 15 minutes. The skin did feel a bit taut and dry after this.

5. Green Apple Lotion:

Apple Lotion

Ingredient List : Apple Fruit Extract, Silicon Blend , Allontoin, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Polyquartenium.

The green apple lotion to be used after the pack is of a very runny consistency but smells heavenly. A little has to be applied on the face and neck post the pack.  My skin did feel quite soft after applying this. The only issue is storing the lotion after using it once. I had to scout for one of my mini bottles to store the rest of the lotion as it is too thin and would leak from the sachet.

My Overall Experience with VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit:

My face did brighten up after the entire procedure of the facial kit which took almost an hour’s time. The effect in fact remained to almost 2 days thereafter, but due to the extreme pollution on my way to office and back, I realized my skin lost the brightness after 3 days. :((

Pros of VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit:

  • I liked the way they have listed down the ingredients to the last detail.
  • I have normal to dry skin and the product suited me pretty well. I think this is suitable for all skin types.
  • Did show some effects after using this kit and it lasted for at least for 2-3 days.
  • Made my skin amazingly soft and smooth.
  • The smell of the peach cream, green apple lotion as well as the orange pack is too yummy to resist.
  • VLCC is now easily available everywhere and is very reasonably priced.
  • The ingredients are all very natural.

Cons of VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit:

  • Nothing really other than the fact that I did not get Cucumber Gel with this pack, but can’t blame anyone as I should have seen it before purchasing.

Will I Repurchase VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit?

Hmmm, I still have enough left for another three facial routine after which I intend to hoard on MJ face masks. Also, my Body Shop Honey and Oat Meal Mask/Scrub just refuses to get over.  Also, I am eyeing the Pearl Facial Kit and might just take that next time.

IMBB Rating:


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26 thoughts on “VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

  1. Nice review Amrita 🙂 Looks like a good facial kit…..only prob would be to store the left over contents of sachet!

    1. Deepa..I use such kits & store all those open sachets in an airtight container..It prevents drying out of leftover contents.. :haanji:

  2. welcome amrita… vlcc home facials are too good.. i have used their insta glow depigmentation facials… and on reading your review, will definitely try this one out…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Welcome to IMBB, Amrita! :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: And nice review. :yes: :woot: I have never tried any VLCC home facial kits. Considering my skin type, I think I’ll begin with this product and see whether it works its magic on my skin too. 😀 😀 😀

  4. Hey ! Great review 🙂 I have tried this once too and really liked it ! Works amazingly well on my skin ! I’ve tried the pearl facial too and its awesome 😛 Reasonably priced too:P
    Try taping the edges after use and store it nicely !

    1. Thanks Jomol, Rati and the whole gang out here !!!!!!!…. Good to get so many replies on my first ever review!!!!! Yes storing is an issues specially for the liquid lotion…. Yes I shall try taping the ends as suggested!!!

  5. I have tried this few days back.The bleach is too thick …I will stick to fem for bleaching.But the facial kit is awesome.It feels so soft and the fragrance is awesome. :rose: Nice review.

  6. I had similar experience when I used VLCC Insta Glow Face Pack.. Now I am very much happy with Nivea face masks.. But I dont think it s available in india.. :))

  7. I am also using this facial kit.. Thanks for good review. Even i would have given it 4/5.

    P.S. Thanks IMBB, i have improved my makeup sense after reading this blog 🙂

  8. I have also tried this facial kit today..:) and i am impressed the way my skin looks after the facial….the only con is..i wish they had the tube sachet..it would have been easier for us to store it nicely..really love the orange anti tan pack and the green apple lotion…i wish they had these two products separately..:((

  9. hyy..i wnt to ask which facial kit is better VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit or Jovees Skin Rejuvenation Fruit Facial Kit for routine facial…plzzz suggest????????

    1. Hi Nupur,
      VLCC papaya kit is a much raved about product. You will not go wrong with it. I have used it too and it is really worth it.

  10. Hi nupur ,
    My skin is oily .so want to know whether VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit or Jovees Skin Rejuvenation Fruit Facial Kit will suit me .

    And am in US .so just say how to get these kits?

  11. Hii.. I m a bit confused which facial kit to buy natures papaya facial kit or vlcc papaya fruit facial kit..
    I hav my farewell nxt week nd I m looking frwd for a nice kit which will giv me anice glow as well as remove my tan

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