VLCC Pedicure Manicure Hand and Foot Care Kit Review

VLCC Pedicure Manicure Hand and Foot Care Kit Review

Hello Beauties,

First of all, I would like to thank all you lovely people for giving me such a warm welcome on IMBB. Your kind words have  encouraged me to write more. My second review is about a hand and foot care kit from VLCC.

VLCC manicure and pedicure kit


Rs. 475/-

Talking about this kit, I bought it, I used it, then I got too bored to do it myself; so I neglected it. I got it done at a salon, I came home dissatisfied and started using it again 😛 I started to get bored again, but after a recent disastrous manicure session at a local beauty parlor, I came crying back to my kit again. Those experiences has led me to believe, “if you have to get things done right, you just got to do it yourself!!” Enough. Now, with the actual review. 😛

VLCC manicure and pedicure kit

The kit comes with a cleanser, a scrub, a cream, a pack (all 50 g) and a cuticle oil (10 ml). The packaging of all the products is the same and you have to read the name to identify it. The instructions are printed on the box itself. The complete list of ingredients missing; only the key ingredients are mentioned which looks impressive.

Step 1: Pediglow Hand and Foot Cleanser:

VLCC manicure and pedicure kit

I begin with squeezing some cleanser into a small tub of warm water. The cleanser is orangish in color and has the consistency of a shampoo. The fragrance is quite refreshing. It does not foam much and I end up using more product. My hands and feet feel refreshingly clean after the soaking.

Step 2 : Myrrh Cuticle Oil

VLCC manicure and pedicure kit

They have mentioned step 2 as massaging the cuticle oil into the cuticles. They claim it to be a combination of oh-so-many oils (but I doubt that 😛 ) I don’t follow this step as I don’t get the point of applying oil and then scrubbing which is step 3. Anyhow, I like the bottle it comes in and the convenient applicator. I have started using the oil independently at night but it is yet to give any positive results. *waiting*

Step 3: Pediglow Hand and Foot Scrub

VLCC manicure and pedicure kit

It is a regular walnut scrub, nothing extraordinary. The fragrance is similar to the cleanser, mild and refreshing. The granules are fine and work effectively at removing dead skin (or at least I get the feel that it does 😛 )

Step 4 : Cocoa Butter Hand and Foot Cream

VLCC manicure and pedicure kit

This is my favourite product of the lot. It is pale lemon yellow in color with just the right consistency. The buttery soft texture makes massaging your own hands and feet fun.

*happy dance*

Step 5 : Orange Anti-Tan Pack

VLCC manicure and pedicure kit

It is a thick cream which needs to be applied evenly as a pack. It claims to remove tan. So far, I haven’t noticed any change and I don’t even expect it to do anything special.

Final Word:

Overall, it is a decent product, nothing extraordinary. You cannot expect miraculous results overnight. It is your maintenance kit which you can use every now and then along with your regular trips to the salon.  And yes, it will last long. There is no exact way to tell the quantity left, but as per my judgement, the kit should suffice 10-12 manicure-pedicure sessions. Now, for under 500 bucks, that is not bad at all, is it?

So, what are you waiting for? Go pamper yourself!! 😛 *nails*

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13 thoughts on “VLCC Pedicure Manicure Hand and Foot Care Kit Review

  1. Good review and I totally agree with your points.
    I went for a pedicure to a reputed parlor and came back with a toe nail infection. I think she didnt sterilize the tools properly and she had pushed cuticles way too back and removed it. So there i got a nick in the skin and i didnt even realise it till i discovered infection setting in after 2days.Sob sob. *cry*
    Still my nail is yet to grow back normally…waiting since 6months.
    Hence I got this vlcc pedi mani kit and its average bt good for self pedicures. *hifive*

    1. OMG!! 6 months?! *shock* That’s too bad.. 🙁
      And true… majority of the “madams” at local parlors are ill-informed and even the “reputed salons” do more damage than good. *headbang* It is better to be independent this way. *haan ji*

  2. At times these kits don’t give drastic changes but it does give fun self pampering time, isn’t it? I think I might give this a try 🙂

  3. Great review and completely agree with u, I am currently using their pediglow kit and quite liking it, will try this one next 🙂

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