VlCC Pediglow Pedicure Kit Review

VlCC Pediglow Pedicure Kit Review

Price 325 – when I bought it

I know many of us have tired feet almost everyday. Reasons for me being walking and even cooking for long hours at a go. I have sensitive heels which will roughen even with two days of walking on our Indian roads, with open footwear. Most of us choose open footwear for most time of the year specially summers. Thereby we expose our precious feet to the dirt, grime and pollution. I hate the look of my feet after walking as I leave home with beautiful feet which are full of gunk when I return. My shopping sprees always give me tired feet even though I am tall enough not to wear heels. I don’t go to parlours for pedicure as I am scared of the metal instruments they use on my nails. I rather soak my feet in warm water with bath salts and soaks and pamper my feet with some scrubs and soft creams and then finish with an overnight foot moisturising cream once a week. I am sure many of us agree. The vlcc kit is just the right affordable kit for our feet which will last you for ten home pedicures in the price range lesser than a single trip to the parlour. Here is my take on the kit!
VlCC Pediglow Pedicure Kit
Step one:

Pediglow foot cleanser with soapnut and margosa:

This deep cleanser with soapnut and margosa removes pollutants from the pores and softens thick tissue. It also fights foot infections and harmful germs.

Pediglow foot cleanser with soapnut and margosa

Contains: soapnut, daruhaldi, shikakai, dalchini, lemongrass oil, margosa and sles.
Method of use: Add four teaspoons into a bucket with luke warm water. Soak your feet with 15-20 minutes rinse and wipe with a hot towel.

What I like about this cleanser:

  • It’s basically a foot soak
  • It’s of shampoo consistency
  • Four teaspoons are enough for half a bucket to soak feet
  • Great to ward off infections after rain water splashing
  • Fresh citrus kind of smell
  • Softens feet and heels too
  • I soak feet for 20 mins and then use a rough skin remover too on my heels only
  • Flip open cap
  • Lathers mildly
  • Love the ingredients

Step 2:

Pediglow footscrub with walnut and lemongrass

This exquisite scrub goes a long way in ensuring beautiful feet. Walnut exfoliates dead foot tissue while lemongrass stimulated blood circulation for best foot health.

Contains: walnut shell powder, lemon grass oil, fenugreek, glycerine, triclosan, allantion, salicylic acid

Method of use: Apply well and massage into cuticles for five minutes scrub the dead tissues and gently clean any foot cracks. wipe off with a hot towel.
Pediglow footscrub with walnut and lemongrass
What I like about the scrub:

  • It is super soft and creamy
  • It’s a scrub that lathers
  • Granules are good for foot scrubbing
  • Need a coin size for one foot
  • Fresh soapy smell
  • Great for scrubbing only if u wanna skip foot file
  • Enough for rough spots if u don’t have cracked heels
  • Not sure about that cuticle instruction
  • There is cover inside too that protects the product from drying
  • Love the ingredients

Step 3:

Pediglow foot cream: with cocoa butter and orange oil

An ultra softening cream with cocoa butter and orange oil. A complete reviver made of select herbs like orange oils and margosa that nourish your feet.
Contains: fenugreek, margosa, olive oil, cocoa butter, menthol
Method of use: Apply generously all over feet and massage well into cuticles for about ten minutes. Wipe off with a hot towel.
Pediglow foot cream: with cocoa butter and orange oil
What I like about the cream:

  • Absorbs fast
  • Very soft water based cream I feel
  • Pleasant smelling
  • Great for cuticle softening
  • Need little for one foot
  • I like the packaging
  • There is cover inside too that protects the product from drying
  • Love the ingredients

Step four:

Pediglow foot spray with patchouli oil and liquorice

Odourless feet now come with this spray. Patchouli and lemongrass oil cast a fresh spell and castus’s antiseptic properties keeps foot diseases at bay.
Contains: pactchouli oil, liquorice lemongrass oil, castus, menthol, triclosan, glycerine
Method of use: Spray all over your feet, feel the freshness that gets u ticking.
Pediglow foot spray with patchouli oil and liquorice
What I like about this product:

  • Convenient spray bottle which we can carry along
  • Very fresh citrus smell
  • Two sprays enough for feet
  • Love the ingredients
  • I think this is the best part of the kit

Overall: 4 on five

I think this is a must have all in one foot care kit. Use it once a week and collect compliments all week. Packaging is very nice. The quality of all the four products is amazing. Will last long enough. Cheaper than parlor pedicure sittings. Will keep buying it again and again even if the prices are hiked now. They also have a sachet pack of the same contents but I prefer bigger bottles, We all deserve this! Great for monsoons. The warm water will soothe the feet and this kit will leave it feeling at their best. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “VlCC Pediglow Pedicure Kit Review

  1. Great review Neha 🙂 All products look really good 🙂 Will get this kit soon btw what is the price of this kit now? Any idea?

  2. The one and only product from VLCC that has worked for me. I have used this about 3 years ago and then it was unavailable for a while. Now I guess its back in the market. Nice review Neha.

  3. Hey Neha…very nice review!!! all the more convinced abt it after reading Poornima’s comment…definately trying this

  4. Hey Neha, I share your views on getting a pedicure/manicure done at salon…….I am so paranoid when they sharpen and shape the nails….I am very paranoid about any one else cutting my nails…dunno why….but this is a great option for others who like. :yes: 🙂

  5. Thank you thank you thank you Neha!
    Thank you for the review and those words are not from my mouth, but from my feeet.. Hmm, there should be a smilie for kissing our feet.. 🙂
    After reading this review only, I bought the pedicure kit and i LOVE it..
    🙂 :pompom: :pompom: :pompom: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :happydance: :happydance: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

  6. how about the anti acne kit from VLCC? Is it worthy buying?If not then any other anti acne facial kit which really does wonder or soothes to some extent please let me know.

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