VLCC Silver Facial Kit Review

Skin type: Oily in summers, sensitive
Skin tone: Fair with neutral undertones

Hey ladies!
Checking IMBB seems such a happy hobby! I love the wonderful reviews by the IMBB writers and learning about so many new brands and products! I purchased VLCC Silver Kit recently and though it says single use, I have got two uses out of it already! Here I am with the review of VLCC Silver Kit which is a budget friendly effective option for those wanting to do facial at home!

VLCC Silver Facial Kit Review

Price: Rs. 250

Product Description:
Silver is not just a metal that can be used for jewelry, it can also be your skin’s best purifier. Silver Bhasma or ash is an excellent natural exfoliant and skin lightening agent. VLCC has tapped into this precious metal’s beauty benefits to create this efficient face treatment that detoxifies the skin from within to reveal fresh, nourished, youthful, healthy complexion.
The facial kit includes:
– Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner
– Silver Glow Scrub
– Silver Glow Gel
– Silver Glow Cream
– Silver Glow Pack
– Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

My Experience with VLCC Silver Facial Kit:

Facial kits are a must have for me and my mom, because both of us hate going to the salon! We opt for quick fixes at home, and sometimes to pamper our skin, we use facial kits in the comfort of home. I got this Silver Kit to beat the darkness and dullness of my skin in this sultry weather.
steps on box
Packaging: The packaging is so sturdy and compact. The rectangular silver box holds the 6 products in sachets and a small tube, and the entire kit is very travel friendly. It can fit into your handbags even for carrying on trips, saves you the hassle of separately carrying scrub, pack, etc.

There are six products. Going into the details of each one:
steps 1 and 2Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner: I am not sure if a product can clean and tone at one go, but this white runny liquid cleanser cleanses gently without much foam. Not the most effective cleanser, but does work fine if you have normal, not-so-dirty or oily face. Pretty average I would say.
Silver Glow Scrub: I love abrasive scrubs as they help in sloughing off the dead cell layer better. This scrub is quite mild, with minute particles, which give a gentle exfoliation. Since this kit is mostly meant for problematic skin, this is helpful for ladies who face breakouts or have sensitive skin. The scrub is silvery gel based, and washes off without any residue, leaving refreshed looking skin.

steps 3 and 4Silver Glow Gel: This silver gel is of the right consistency for gentle massage. It gives a cooling sensation on skin, and makes skin look radiant. Love this product!
Silver Glow Cream: The white colored cream is thick, and if you are massaging it, it’s best doing it on wet skin for better circulation and penetration. The cream isn’t greasy, and is good for use on oily skin too. You can see significant increase in the suppleness of your skin after using this.

steps 5 and 6Silver Glow Pack: The pack is easy to use, spreads evenly (on wet face) and dries within 10 minutes. Skin looks fresh and bright. If you don’t use anything after this, your face remains oil free for 3 hours or so.
Oil Free Moisturizing Gel: This Oil Free Moisturizing Gel has SPF and is good if you are stepping out after this facial or even staying indoors. The non-greasy lightweight moisturizer is great for oily skin.
The glow lasts for a day. Skin looks much more radiant and has a healthy sheen. This is a great pick for normal-oily skin, as the products won’t bother sensitive skin or aggravate skin issues.

Pros of VLCC Silver Facial Kit:

• Handy, travel friendly packaging.
• Economical.
• 6 clearly labeled sachets.
• Doesn’t cause breakouts.
• Will suit sensitive skin too.
• Good quality products with pleasant smell.
• Complete list of ingredients.
• Gives glow and radiance.

Cons of VLCC Silver Facial Kit:

• Cleanser and scrub too mild for normal skin.
• Effects last only a day.
• Not suited for dry-mature skin.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend or Repurchase VLCC Silver Facial Kit?
Yes, surely. Oily-sensitive skinned ladies do try this out.

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