VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream Review

VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream

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So, this is a product that my friend uses regularly. I was going through her cupboard when I noticed this cream. I immediately pulled out my camera and started bu***ng her for details. And this is what she thought of VLCC SKIN DEFENCE Liquorice Cold Cream.

VLCC SKIN DEFENCE Liquorice Cold Cream


Rs110 for 50ml/1.69fl.oz

Product Description:

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This dual-action moisturizing cream is enriched with rose petals and liquorice extracts which, help heal and soften the rough and dry skin. It provides your skin with deep moisturisation while protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun (SPF 10).


Extracts of Grape Seed, Cobra Saffron, Rose Petals, Liquorice and Aloe Vera, Oils of Jojoba and Olive, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, D-panthenol.

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My Experience with VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream :

Technically, it would be my friend’s experience and she has an extremely dry skin. She has been using this for quite some time and this is her third tub. The product comes in a yellowish-tub, well, a small jar would be a more accurate description. It has a screw-on cap. The mouth of the jar is pretty small as compared to its vertical length, so I was skeptical about how to the get the product out of the jar once its level got below the mid-point but when I asked my friend she said that she used a tiny plastic spoon. The product smelt weird to me but my friend finds it “soothing”. The product is white in colour and the consistency is that of a normal cold cream. When I applied it to my hands, I found that my skin absorbed it beautifully without leaving any greasy residue. My prior experiences with cold-creams had led me to conclude that they are always oily. However, this one is not. It moisturized my hands kept it moisturized for quite long. My friend applies it not just on her face but all over her body, once post-shower and once before going to bed. And trust me, her skin is soft and supple, with a glowing, healthy shine. She uses it as a foot cream, during a manicure, to discipline her eyebrows, you name it. She is one of those persons with a no-fuss skin-care routine but her skin is georgeous and the one item that plays an important role in her skin-care is VLCC SKIN DEFENCE Liquorice Cold Cream. She declares it to be an excellent budget product and recommends it to all who like using cold creams.


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Pros of VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream:

• Not at all oily.
• Affordable.
• Keeps the skin moisturized for long intervals of time.
• Makes the skin soft and supple.
• Easily available.
• Contains SPF 10.
• Can be used for a lot many purposes.

Cons of VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream:

• Tub packaging.
• Smells weird (at least to me).


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IMBB Rating:

4.5/5 (My friend rated it.)

Will I Repurchase VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream?

My friend is on her third jar of the cream and says that she will definitely repurchase it. She recommends it to all the dry-skinned women out there. Personally, I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t really dig cold creams .


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