VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel Review

VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel Review


I love my bike and ride it very often through the day.  Most often, I forget to apply a sunscreen or to carry a helmet.  Result is damaged and sun burnt skin.  I have very sensitive skin that tans badly within a short period under the sun.  So, I have benefited a big deal from after sun products such as Lakme Sun Expert De-Tan Face Mask and Lakme After Sun Gel, after getting exposed to sun.  Since winters are over in Hyderabad, and the summer is going to be really harsh and early, I am stocking up “sun care” related products.  I found VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel and bought it.  Here’s in detail about this product:

Product Description:

Over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun is responsible for skin darkening and ageing.  After a glorious day under the sun, VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel, cools and calms skin, reduces redness and helps prevent peeling of the skin.  A refreshing formulation, enriched with Red Algae Gel and Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil, it helps visibly reduce the after effects of sun exposure.  It effectively hydrates dry, rough, and chapped skin and helps combat against free radical damage.

How To Use:

Apply an even layer on just exposed to the sun skin for soothing and cooling relief.  Reapply if desired.

Key Ingredients:



Rs. 175 for 70 gm.

Soothing Gel

My Take on VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel:

Its a light orange-colored gel that comes in a medium-sized orange tube.  The fragrance of this gel reminds me of some flavoured cough/fever syrup meant for kids.  The gel spreads out easily on the skin without much effort.  On application, it imparts a cool feeling to the skin, its not alarmingly cool like how menthol-based products would do, but rather a really pleasant coolness that’s an apt treat for skin after spending a considerable time in the sun.

Sun Gel

It does not do anything to detan or lighten the skin, but it does give a soothing feeling.  I am already thinking of how well I could use it in summers.


After rinsing off, I did feel my skin to be a little dry, but that’s okay.  I am really going to use this a lot in summers.  Don’t expect too much from this, it just sits on the skin and cools it,
and that’s really good when you think of temperatures that might hit 48 degrees this summer!

Aloe Vera Gel

Summing up the pros and cons of this gel:

Pros of VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel:

  • A soothing cool gel that would calm down skin after exposure to sun.
  • Claims to contain red algae gel, aloe vera extract, sandal and chamomile extract.

Orange Gel

Cons of VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel:

  • Smells strongly of some flavoured cough/fever syrup.
  • Does not lighten or detan skin.
  • Full ingredients list is not mentioned, the cooling agent remains unknown.

Will I Repurchase VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel?

Only in the summers.

IMBB Rating:


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13 thoughts on “VLCC Soothing After Sun Gel Review

  1. Sachchi mein the sun is already so harsh on most days now in hyd esp in th afternoon! M scared to think wat full on summer wil b lik 🙁 i’v nvr used after-sun stuff.. Which is th bestest in ur opinion? Wil giv tat a try 🙂
    This really does look yummy, esp wen placed in a spoon 😀

  2. after sun gel with cooling effect.. Osum… I am gonna buy this real soon… Great discovery and nice review jomo…. 🙂

  3. ooo J .. Nice detailed review 🙂 .. hmm soothing feeling .. cooling effect wil be sooo relaxing in full on summerzzzz 🙂

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