VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Silver Review

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It’s raining here in my city and I am happily snuggled in my blanket, writing for my favorite people. Plus, since it’s the time for weddings, I have invested in some skincare products. Today’s review is on one such product. VLCC Spring range was launched around 3 years back, but availability is still severely limited. I found some of their products online, and the name “Exotic Jewel Mask” surely tempted me. Let’s jump into the review.

VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Review5

Product Description:
Exotic Jewel Mask in Silver is a unique treatment for blemish free, flawless skin, it revitalizes and refreshes skin to keep it radiant and free from imperfections. Provides healthy, even skin tone leaving a jewel like radiance and glow.

INR 550 for 100 gm

Like most of the other face packs, VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask comes in a cream colored flip open tube. It is more hygienic than the tubs some brands have. The packaging is nothing fancy, and is sturdy enough to be carried in your bag without consuming much space. However, some product gets accumulated at the mouth of the tube, so regular cleaning is better.

VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Review3

My Take on VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Silver:

The face mask is pearly white in color with a mild fragrance which I can’t describe. Nothing bothersome though. The consistency is on the thicker side and you need more product to distribute evenly on your face. You can guess it contains talcum just by looking at it (ever mixed talc with water to form a thick paste?).

VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Review2

Initially skeptical, I tried this for a few times. And I am happy with the results. Firstly, it is best for normal-oily skin (although it says all skin types), as it is drying in nature. It absorbs all the grime, impurities and oil from your skin, leaving a clear skin.

I find it perfect for using before a party or special outing, as my normal skin often lacks the luster I crave for, and this easily removes the dullness. Use this with or without scrubbing, and apply makeup afterwards. Trust me, the soft non-oily skin you will get is bound to win your heart. It kept my makeup set for 7 hours straight (okay, it’s not exactly sweaty, but I didn’t use a primer, fixing spray or a setting powder even). I used a simple foundation-blush combo, and my makeup which generally looks shiny and oxidizes after some time, stayed intact.

VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Review1

Pores look shrunken and this mask imparts a nice, naturally fair look. Nothing permanent, but it stays for a couple of days. Overall, I am happy with what it does, but the long list of chemical ingredients might deter many from buying. Personally I limit its usage for just special days and I might consider buying it again if I can’t lay my hands on something great.

VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Review4

Pros of VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Silver:

• Sturdy, effective packaging
• Makes skin fair and radiant
• Preps up skin for makeup
• Pores look shrunken
• Removes dirt, grime and dullness

VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Review

Cons of VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Silver:

• Limited availability
• Comparatively pricey
• Long list of chemical ingredients
• Dries out skin

Would I Repurchase/Recommend VLCC Spring Exotic Jewel Mask Silver?
Dry skinned ladies can skip this, but oily skinned ones can try it. I might repurchase, only if I don’t find anything better.

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