VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub Review

You know those tempting displays at salons, where we have to end up buying an entire skin care range? Yes, my visits to VLCC always do that to me, without being forced around. I saw this range in the display and I was very keen on a scrub. I love scrubs but not the walnut and apricot ones anymore. Anything light enough to use daily. This is one such scrub I am loving of late.

VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub Review

Price: INR 500 for 100gms
Claims: This scrub is designed for deep cleansing and purifying properties to give a refreshed and soft feel to the skin. Added mulberry and lemon extracts lend a fair and nourished feel to the skin. It gives a satin smooth skin by gently exfoliating dead skin cells and superficial black and white heads.
Usage: Apply appropriate amount all over the face with light circular movements. Gently massage for 2-3 minutes and rinse off.

VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub Claims

My Experience with VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub:

I am pleasantly surprised by this refreshing scrub as this is not creamy. It is more like gel based; the beads are small-medium consistency and they scrub gently and melt in around 2-3 minutes. The scrub does a wonderful job of making the skin tone even, and on a regular basis keeping pores clear. This is something I have been using daily and it is not at all harsh. I love to use this particularly after I know I have been choking my pores during the day with makeup. I use this after makeup removal as a face wash. I love the satin feel it lends to the skin and makes skin appear tan-free, so yes it is true to its claims.

VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub Packaging

I would say if you have oily to normal skin, use it daily like your face wash. If you think you expose yourself to the sun too much, use it daily. It smells of a cologne and I find it very citrusy and refreshing. It leaves skin soft and clean. Do not expect it to work like your walnut scrubs but try to be consistent with its usage. The only downside is I end up using a lot of the product to feel the grit and to make it lather; it does not lather much in the first place and works more like a gel.

VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub Cap

Pros of VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub:

⦁ Leaves skin soft and fresh
⦁ Refreshing smell
⦁ Not harsh
⦁ Good enough for daily use
⦁ Leaves skin even toned
⦁ Gel-based, not a clay-based scrub

VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub Swatch

Cons of VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub:

⦁ You may end of using too much if you wish to feel the scrubbing action
⦁ You may not like it if you are fond of walnut and apricot scrubs

IMBB Rating: 4.3/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase VLCC Spring Whitening Face Scrub?
Yes, for sure. Do try it for all skin types, particularly oily if you like to scrub daily.

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