VLCC Walnut Face Scrub Review

Hello wonderful ladies,

Today I am going to review the worst scrub in the history of mankind. It’s the VLCC Walnut Face Scrub. Read on to know why I despise it from the bottom of my heart.

VLCC walnut face scrub

Description, Usage and Key Ingredients:

VLCC walnut face scrub

VLCC walnut face scrub

Price and Quantity:

INR 150 for 80 grams

My Experience with VLCC Walnut Face Scrub:

Packaging: the packaging of the product is very fine. It comes in a see through tube which also has details written on its back like ingredients and how-to-use. It has a white cap that shuts with a click. The design of the tube is quite travel friendly but, it also feel it is a little bulky to travel with. I think the same packaging with 40 grams of product would be appropriate to travel with. However, I don’t think this scrub comes in a smaller tube. Overall, the packaging is quite sturdy, hygienic and hassle free. I always find it difficult to use scrubs that come in a tub-like packaging.

VLCC walnut face scrub

Fragrance: the scrub has a soapy fragrance that is not bothersome or overpowering. It is very mild and fades off eventually.

Texture and color: the texture of the scrub is fine too. It is creamy and doesn’t irritate the skin. This scrub never made my combination skin dry after using it. However, I feel dry skinned beauties should not skip moisturizer after it as it might make their skin feel stretchy and dry. Also, it’s cream colored with brown and black granules in it.

VLCC walnut face scrub

Results: okay, so let me start with the worst part of this scrub. It DOES NOT EXFOLIATE. It’s mild, creamy and has a soothing fragrance but, at the end of the day it is not a scrub. It’s just a bad face wash. It doesn’t even have appropriate grains in it.

VLCC walnut face scrub

The walnut shell powder present in it is way too finely milled to scrub. Also, it is not even present in an adequate amount. It is very sparsely concentrated. This could have been the best scrub in the given price range if they would have kept the grains a bit bigger and more in quantity. I have tried to make this scrub workout on wet and dry face but, it didn’t work out any way. I don’t think that this scrub will be suitable for any skin type.

VLCC walnut face scrub

Maybe, people with extraordinary sensitive skin can give it a try. Though, I feel it will fail for them too. It’s fit just to exfoliate a baby’s skin but, I don’t think sane people exfoliate their new borns.

So summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of VLCC Walnut Face Scrub:

  • Sturdy and hygienic packaging.
  • No overpowering or nauseating fragrance.
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin, is creamy and never broke me out.
  • Affordable

Cons of VLCC Walnut Face Scrub:

  • It is NOT A SCRUB.
  • Doesn’t exfoliate.
  • Grains are way too finely milled to work.
  • Very expensive for the quality that it provides.
  • Full list of ingredients is not mentioned. Those allergic to certain ingredients will find it difficult.
  • Dry skinned beauties may feel their skin becoming stretchy after usage.
  • Waste of money.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase/recommend VLCC Walnut Face Scrub?

No, I will not repurchase this in this lifetime again. I have had enough of this now. Also, I advise all you beautiful women out there to stay away from this dud. Trust me ladies, we are better off without this. Still, if you are looking for a decent face scrub in this price range. I think the Lakme Total Cleanup one is far better than this. At least it is a scrub that scrubs.

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  1. I’m 27 years old and had never experienced acne so far in my lifetime, thanks to vlcc walnut face scrub that has gifted me with acne all over my face , I truly regret using this product but now can’t do anything about it have face my self each day with this face full of acne and pimples, I request all you beautiful girls out there don’t ever try this product

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