VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash – Review

VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash

Hello Lovelies,

I am going to review the Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash from VLCC. I have extremely dry and sensitive skin and when I picked this one and read the description on the front side which said it is suitable for “Dry & Sensitive Skin”, I knew I had to have it.


195 INR for 175 ml.

VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash

Skin Type:

Dry & Sensitive

Shelf Life:

36 Months

Key Ingredients:

Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Algae, Honey and Mulberry Extract.

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Product Description:

Along with daily cleansing, dry and sensitive skin requires deep hydration. Fortified with Witch Hazel & Rose Water, this soap free gentle face wash cleanses skin and gently removes pollutants, grime and make-up without stripping away skin’s natural moisture. It not only cleanses dull, damaged and dehydrated skin, but also deeply nourishes and softens, giving it a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Directions for use:

Dampen face and neck, then massage all over. Rinse off and pat dry. Use daily morning and evening. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.

My Experience with VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash:

This comes in a sturdy light pink transparent tube with a flip open cap, I was really attracted by the soft pink color. All things pink scream to me and say pick me up..pick me up.. Apart from the fact that I am a pink freak, what attracted me most to pick this face wash was the impressive list of key ingredients.

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We all know that Witch Hazel helps lock in the moisture of our skin. Rose water is a staple ingredient in the beauty regimen of most of us. It helps to tone the skin and there isn’t a skin type which will not benefit from the soothing properties of this beauty elixir. Although I hate to think that the green scum, “Algae” is also a key ingredient in this product, I cannot deny the beauty benefits of the same. Algae help to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin and give it a radiant glow. What not do we do for looking good!!  We all use honey in one form or the other and it is such an amazing gift of nature. Honey not only keeps our skin toned and supple but also helps keep dryness at bay.Mulberry extract is known for its skin lightening properties and hence widely used in skin lightening products. With such an amazing list of key ingredients this face wask looked too good to be true. Alas! My experience was rather unpleasant.
I have been using this face wash for two months now and I would say it has not done much to write home about. Since I have extra dry skin I’m constantly looking for products which keep my skin well hydrated; this one has not supplied any extra moisture to my thirsty skin however it has also not ripped it of its existing moisture either.

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The texture of this face wash is extremely runny and I hated it initially. When I poured it on my palm it dripped as if it was diluted. 😀 Even if it is just standing on my bathroom cupboard it keeps dripping and gets collected in the rim of the cap & hence the product is also wasted.

I loved the fragrance of this one, it is really subtle and refreshing. It certainly is soap free and doesn’t lather much but will leave your face squeaky clean.

I was pretty disappointed that even though it had an impressive range of ingredients, it didn’t do much for me except regular cleansing. So much for that glow shlow and youthful appearance claim.. 😛

Pros of VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash:

• Subtle & refreshing fragrance.
• Good quantity for the price.
• Cleanses effectively.
• Soap free.

Cons of VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash:

• Doesn’t do what it claims.
• Full Ingredients list is missing.
• Texture is very runny.
• Awful packaging, leaks and leads to wastage.

VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash swatch

Will I Repurchase VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash?

No, I will not, I may check out some other face washes from this range. I like to try new products and this one has not done any wonders for my dry skin.

IMBB Rating:


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12 thoughts on “VLCC Witch Hazel & Rose Water Gentle Face Wash – Review

  1. aww sad that it didnt work for you, but I think it may fare well for normal to combination types! 😀 and great review <3

      1. I meant since its not enough moisturizing but still gives a squeaky clean feel then I thought it may suit normal skin types who dont need extra moisturizing face washes. B-)

    1. Aww…it happens Manisha.. this one was a dud for me too 😉 but I like some of their products like the burberry scrub and facial kits..

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