VOV Artist Eye Liner Look Review, Swatch

Hi Beauties,

I am finally back after a short break which happened due to house shifting and setting it up from scratch. The process is still work in progress and I believe it will stay like this for months as its not easy to set up the entire house especially if you are alone! I am still struggling with internet issues but hoping they will resolve soon. So today I’ll be reviewing an eyeliner which I am using since last two weeks and totally digging it. Though I love my gel liners and pencil liners but at the same time I love felt tip liners for their ease of use. So when my sister got me VOV Artist EyeLiner from Mumbai two weeks back I was very happy!

VOV Artist Eye Liner

I have always loved VOV as a brand and is a boon especially for college going girls with their really affordable and quality products. I have tried their lipstick and eyeshadows and totally loved them! So how did VOV Artist Eyeliner fare? Lets find out.

Vov Artist Eyeliner is priced at 150/- and is gorgeous black shade. It comes in blue packaging with the manufacturer and expiry details inscribed on it. The packaging is very average like all VOV products and nothing to rave about it. The felt tip is quite large and thick which I hadnt expected. I have used Color Ultimate Eyeliner Pen earlier which i totally loved due to its fine tip which helps in creating extra thin lines. VOV artist liner has fat tip and though its perfect for creating eyeliners but you will not get those precision and fine lines.

VOV Artist Eye Liner

The shade is gorgeous matte black and is totally smudge proof. It does not fade nor smudge and stays for the whole day! The only problem is that its not waterproof not that I prefer that but girls wanting waterproof liners might want to skip it. Overall I think its a great liner for beginners and for the price definitely a must try if you love felt tip liners.


  •  Affordable and reasonably priced
  •  The shade is gorgeous matte black
  •  Awesome pigmentation
  •  Does not fade or smudge
  •  Water resistant
  •  Felt tip is perfect for applying eyeliner or even winged liner
  •  I have sensitive skin around my eyes and it did not cause any irritation
  •  Can be removed easily using a makeup remover

VOV Artist Eye Liner Swatch

VOV Artist Eye Liner Look


  •  Fat felt tip which makes it difficult to do thin precise lines
  •  Availability of VOV products is really a con since they are not easily available across india
  •  Not waterproof
  •  No list of ingredients mentioned

Rating:- 3.8 out of 5

Price:- 150 and may vary depending from where you buy

Do I recommend:- Yes for the price the quality is good and perfect for college going girls or for anyone who would like to try a felt tip eyeliner. I would definitely recommend this liner to everyone.

Hope the review was helpful and until next time tc!


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27 thoughts on “VOV Artist Eye Liner Look Review, Swatch

  1. This is So pretty… I love matte finish..Would love to try this… But getting original VOV is a big thing 🙁 Looks good on your eyes 🙂

  2. I would love to try these VOV cosmetics as they are so cheap and do worth a try.. I am not able to find any here in chennai. Does any one know where can i get them?? online and at chennai..!?

  3. I adore such felt tip pens for liquid liners. I feel quite uncomfortable with brush tip liners. I think that the thick liner really suits your eyes. Looks super pretty. :))

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