VOV Beaute Mineral Blusher in 07 Review

VOV Beaute Mineral Blusher in 07 Review

Hi There Peeps,

It has been a wonderful day.  The weather was breezy throughout with the sun being gentle and peeping out of the cotton white clouds every once in a while. The evening is very pleasant too. If only this weather had stayed all throughout the summer! So anyway, hope you all are doing great. I purchased a mineral blusher from VOV and I will share my experience with it, this is my first mineral makeup.


It’s the VOV “Mineral Blusher” in shade #07.  The base is powdery with soft shimmer particles. It looks very pretty from the case outside.  The consistency is very smooth and it blends really well without much effort.  The color is copper peach. The packaging is nice and travel friendly. It comes with a little brush that makes the application all the way easier. It comes in a rectangular white case with a transparent lid.  The overall look is very appealing which is another reason why I bought this cute little thing.

Peach Blush 2


INR 150 for 3.5 gm.

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Shelf Life:

3 years.



My Experience with VOV Beaute Mineral Blusher in 07:

This is my first mineral make up and I am loving it absolutely. VOV is such a brand, which is not so widely known/available in the market, but it has great value-for-money products to offer. This particular shade of blush seems to have been targeted towards the women in India.

Peach Blush 3

The color is such that it will suit almost all skin tones. It has shimmery particles in the right amount, which makes it wearable for any evening party, but not too shimmery that you can’t use it for any day-time ceremony. The texture is very smooth which makes it easy to apply and blend.

Peach Blush 4

The brush does a great job too with it’s smooth and even bristles.

Peach Blush 8

The casing is like an add-on to the product, but one thing that I have experienced while using this blusher is that while trying to transfer it to the brush before applying, a lot of it gets wasted because of its powdery form.

Peach Blush 5

But just one flaw of the product can be easily forgiven considering its a good product at such a pocket-friendly price.  All in all, I am absolutely loving this mineral blusher.

Peach Blush 6

Pros of VOV Beaute Mineral Blusher in 07:

  • Cheap.
  • Looks cute.
  • Good quantity for the price.
  • Easy blendability.
  • Has shimmery particles (just the right amount).
  • Very smooth texture.
  • Comes with a good brush.
  • Suitable for almost all skin tones.
  • Can be used as a part of evening party makeup.
  • Contains a very light scent, wouldn’t bother you really 😀
  • Sturdy pack, travel friendly.

Cons of VOV Beaute Mineral Blusher in 07:

  • Issues related to availability.
  • Ingredients not mentioned.
  • Quantity gets wasted while applying with the brush.

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  1. Its a pretty blush shade Devleena. Why do VOV and other Korean cosmetics hide their ingredient list, its very strange.

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