VOV Candy Lipstick Review

VOV Candy Lipstick Review

Hey Everybody,

How have you been? I have worn this lipstick in my last OOTD.  This is one of my cherished shades, not an everyday wear, but definitely a special one. Scroll down to know more.



Rs. 150

Shelf Life:

3 years.

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VOV Candy Lipstick 3

My Experience with VOV Candy Lipstick:

Packaging:  It comes in a transparent glass kind of packaging and the shade is shown at the base. Number and name are printed on the sticker at one end. I told you I like the packaging of ultra moisturising range more than this one.

VOV Candy Lipstick 2

Talking of the texture, it is smooth and buttery kind. The smoothness remains for a long time and does not set like a completely dry matte lipstick unlike many long-staying lipsticks. The sheen of the freshly applied coat remains on my lips for a fairly long time and I should tell you that my lips are dry. The feel on the lips is neither drying nor saucy – somewhere in between. I like glossy lipsticks more than the matte ones, but when you want your lipstick to stay put for long hours; you have to go with a matte one. Well, this one is my friend, serves both the purposes, it is not dry matte and it stays for long too – that is the reason you have seen me hoarding these.

VOV Candy Lipstick 4

It is completely odourless unlike other lipsticks of lower price range. I generally do not like any fragrance in lipsticks. They are a big turn off for me.

VOV Candy Lipstick 5

About the shade, I would say it is brick red kind of a shade. You cannot call it a blood red, nor a maroon, not even cherry. I can relate it to bricks. It is not an everyday shade for me.  I wear it on evening out or some formal occasions. Married women can use it as an everyday shade. I picked it for the unique hint of color this shade has. One swipe is enough for the color to fully show up. If you swipe more, it would bleed a little. It can be used by people with pigmented lips too. Also, it would suit almost all skin tones.

Red Lips

I have already told you about its impressive staying power. It goes for around 4-5 hours without any meal or sips. After that, it fades evenly. If you eat something, the color would lighten, but it would be there. When you try to remove with cotton, you will have to take a wet cotton, it does not go completely with a dry one.


In short, this is a lipstick worth trying.  For shades that you might not purchase from a high-end brand, you can try them in VOV at very cheap prices. In my experience, the ultra smooth moisturizing range has better variety of shades to offer than this one. I am still fond of each shade bought from the two ranges I have reviewed.

Pros of VOV Candy Lipstick:

  • Classy packaging with visible shade at the bottom.
  • Pretty shade which I wear on occasions.
  • Smooth formulation.
  • Completely odourless.
  • Stays for long on the lips without drying out the lips.
  • Comes at a low price.

Cons of VOV Candy Lipstick:

  • The glass packaging is prone to breakage.
  • The rotating mechanism of the lipstick bullet may go wrong some times.
  • No ingredients mentioned.
  • Availability is an issue. VOV really needs to make its products available everywhere specially after manufacturing with such good quality.

Will I Repurchase VOV Candy Lipstick?

No, I will keep experimenting with newer shades.

Do I Recommend VOV Candy Lipstick?

I would ask everybody to try these lipsticks.

IMBB Rating:


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  1. The shade is just awesome *drool* *powder* .But u make me jealous every time u posts article on ur new vov shades. They r so beautiful and ur swatch makes them even more appealing and great. *announce* *announce* *clap* .wish I could get them here. *cry* *cry* *cry*

  2. *waiting* can anyone tell me where can i find VOV brickred lipstick *cry* …m unable to find it in any of the shops *nababana* …its number is 540

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