VOV Crystal Shine Lip Gloss – Pink Sugar

VOV Crystal Shine Lip Gloss Pink Sugar

Hello sweeties,

First thing I would like to share is that I got a new Iphone..yay..!! I am soo happy..!! Coming to the review, I picked up one more shade from a local store. Actually I went to buy a my L’oreal night cream and this was kept on the shelf itself and as you know girls don’t always return with one thing, we always pick up 2 or 3 more and only then return home. The name of this gloss “pink sugar” and also the obsession with pink colour made me pick this up. The gloss looked pigmented and also there was a small picture of a lip swatch, so I was finally convinced to go for this one..!! So let’s jump to the main review.
Vov Crystal LipGloss Pink Sugar


Rs. 140 for 9 ml

There was no product description at all, neither on the box nor on the lipgloss. At least they could have written something like, it will give your lips a crystal clear shine or would give a glossy shimmery finish, but nothing at all :P. I guess they did not have time to print it or did not have enough space as the box is very small.
Vov Crystal Lip Gloss Pink Sugar  (3)


My experience with VOV Crystal Shine Lip Gloss – Pink Sugar:

I keep on trying a few things from this brand as they are good in quality and also there price is less compared to the other brands, but of course the quality also differs but that isn’t a big problem to give it a shot..!! This cute tiny gloss comes in a small box with the ingredients on it. Nothing special, I immediately threw the box after clicking pictures as it occupies unnecessary space. The gloss comes in a plastic long square shaped bottle with a shiny silver coloured cap. The gloss is soo easy to carry and at times when I don’t carry a handbag, I put it in my pocket, so you can imagine how tiny it is!! The shade is a nice shimmery one with little pink colour in it. It gave a good glossy finish to my lips and also added rosy colour to my lips which did not look artificial.
Vov Crystal Lip Gloss Pink Sugar  (2)
But you will not get the colour at first swipe, you will have to apply it twice or thrice because the wand is really small so it does not pick up much gloss, so you have to dip it at least twice. The wand is so soft hence no complaints about that. The smell is not that appealing, it smells very artificial and smells like oil that we use for cooking, I did not like the smell. But if you apply a nice flavoured lipbalm underneath then the smell wouldn’t be strong. The shade was not at all similar to the one shown on the box as that was highly pigmented and in reality it wasn’t, but it gave a sweet pink colour so I was not disappointed, but transfers to glasses as it was a little thick in consistency. The gloss says waterproof , the gloss stayed on my lips but the colour started to fade as and when I sipped water, but it stayed for like 3 hours so it was okay. Overall, it is a cute shade with nice glossy finish and very affordable too.
Vov Crystal Lip Gloss Pink Sugar


Pros of VOV Crystal Shine Lip Gloss – Pink Sugar:

  • Cute shade.
  • Gave me glossy and shiny lips.
  • Lasted for about 3 hours.
  • Affordable.
  • Was pigmented as well as shiny.
  • Small and very handy.

Vov Crystal Lip Gloss Pink Sugar
Vov Crystal Lip Gloss Pink Sugar swatch


Cons of VOV Crystal Shine Lip Gloss – Pink Sugar:

  • Availability.
  • Smell is not happening.
  • Transferred to glasses.
  • -A little thick.

glossy lips
Would I repurchase/ recommend VOV Crystal Shine Lip Gloss – Pink Sugar?

I will recommend it as it is a cute colour and a cheap one too. People who want rosy lips with a glossy shine can go for this. I will not repurchase this as I have this one and it is very similar to my Maybelline fruity jelly berry bella, so I have to finish both of them and it is always fair to give the other products a chance too..!!

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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15 thoughts on “VOV Crystal Shine Lip Gloss – Pink Sugar

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* Neha di… yaa i know while purchasing it for 140 bucks, that time only i understood that dude it don’t think so this is really gonna be waterproof lol *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*

  1. Nice review and pics Saloni..
    And so agree…even I return with 2 -3 things more than intended.
    Are the pics from ur new iphone 🙂

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* Maria *woot* yaaa man its become a habit of getting some more things always *headbang* the pics are from my sony cybershot as its 16 mp and iphone just 8.1 *haan ji* *pompom*

  2. color saras che.. from where u got this chokri *hihi* i have seen these around bt sometimes the smell of certain lipglosses really irritates me.. hence i dnt try all.. hows the smell and taste of this one??? nice swatch and review Saloni *hifive* *clap*

    1. Aeya thij laavi hu baju ma ek shop mathi *woot* actually they did not have testers so i couldn’t really smell them… toh lidhu and smell bau artificial and bakhwas che *cry* although the shade was cute so never mind *hihi* *hihi*

  3. hurray for.the new iphone! *clap* *clap*
    pretty shade, *hifive* suits *powder* you so well cutiepie!

    1. Awwwwww thanku sooo much *thankyou* *thankyou* glad you liked it on me… i love such pinkie shades *hifive* *happy dance*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* soooo much Neha *puchhi* glad you liked this shade.. *happy dance* *happy dance* very simple though *happydance*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* very much Vidhi.. *pompom* i love such cute simple and pinkie shades *pompom* *pompom*

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