VOV Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencils:Dark Brown and Orangy Copper

VOV Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencils:Dark Brown and Orangy Copper

Hello pretty ones! 😀

I am back again with a review of my favorite eyeliner and lip liner. It’s the VOV 2-in-1 eyeliner and lipliner pencil. I have used this pencil in my eye makeup tutorials before and find myself grabbing these everyday for giving a quick definition to eyes. The shades I will be reviewing are dark brown and an orangy copper one. The pencils don’t have any shade name or number mentioned. I got these two after the SA showed me the whole packet of colorful VOV pencils.

VOV eyeliner lipliner pencils:Dark brown and orangy copper


Not mentioned. I got it for Rs. 40


0.04 oz or 1.2 gm

rati beauty ad

VOV pencils

The pencils are retractable and do not break off even if you try to draw a line quickly. The dark brown one is a matte dark brown one and I love the color so much that I use it every day. The other one is a orang-ish pink kind of shade which actually belongs to my roomie, she had bought it to use as a lip liner. The shade doesn’t suit me, but it really suits her. Here is the swatch.


Now coming to the texture and staying power, I have never used such a creamy textured pencil at such a price before! The pencil literally glides on like a dream, so much so, that I can blend it as an eye shadow all over my lid too. I don’t need to use a brown eye shadow additionally after using this. The orange one too, is very gentle on lips and doesn’t pull or tug. As for the staying power, I generally use this eyeliner at 9AM in the morning over just a compact powder (no foundation or primer) and dash out for my classes. After I return to hostel at about 1:30 pm, after lots of cycling, sweating and no touch ups in between, the liner is still there, just a bit faded. I use Clean&Clear Face Wash to remove it all. So, from this, I’m guessing, that if you don’t cycle or perspire as much as I do, the liner stays longer. It stays even if you splash water on your face.


Finally, here are the EOTDs. Pardon me this time for they are not that neat. I did it in literally less than 30 seconds, clicked the pic, and dashed out as I was getting late. I have drawn a thick line with the brown one and smudged it all over the lid, lined the lower lash line and applied Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. I did not use the orange one, as it’s my roomie’s , so please refer to the wrist swatch. If you need more EOTDs of the brown one, please refer to the “Office Wear Eye Make-Up Tutorial” that I did, earlier, on IMBB.

Smokey Brown


  • Inexpensive. I don’t think we will get a retractable pencil of such great quality in such a low price.
  •  It is sweat proof and staying power is very long.
  •  It is creamy and doesn’t pull or tug at the eyes.
  •  Good quantity.
  •  No irritation caused to eyes, even if used on the waterline.
  •  Wide choice of colors form matte to metallic to shimmery.


  •  No ingredients or shelf life mentioned.
  •  No shade number mentioned.
  •  Availability is a huge issue.

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36 thoughts on “VOV Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencils:Dark Brown and Orangy Copper

  1. thats really pretty. Thanks for the review. am going to Mumbai in a couple of weeks from now and I kow exactly where to buy these from 🙂

  2. i have a black one and i found it bakwaas may be if i find a brown one will pick it up!!! Vow cool eye make up 🙂 <3

      1. hamare yahan in beauty shop u get all colors in one packet … i think its arnd Rs.300/- n hs i think 10 to 12 colors!!!!

        1. ya, same here… 🙂 but they sell the colors individually.. 🙂 baki shades sab shimmery the 🙁 so i didnt take any

  3. LOVE the brown! And your EOTD is beautiful <3
    I love that doggie soft toy and your swatch is cho cute <3 🙂

    Awesome review babe 🙂

  4. absolutely gorgeous eye makeup aparjita. something i’d definitely wear Love my neutral eyeshadows sooo much. 🙂

    the swatches are adorable. 🙂

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