VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner: 09 Plum

VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner: 09 Plum

VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner 09 Plum

I am sharing an eyeliner for a change this time.  I had bought these long back from an online shipping site which has a limited period sales on certain brands and then they vanish.  I mean comes back to serve with their poor service. Go ahead and guess, meanwhile, I will share the review here so that you can decide whether you want a plum liner with such shine or you are happy with the black!

Glitter Liner

I have a lot people I know who love coloured liners, not liquid but pencils.  Some of them even wear a coloured liner inside the rim of their lower lash line.  I am not judging but it should be made sure whether they are waterline safe or not. I am a fan of matte black liquid liners since forever and still I purchase a hell of lot of coloured pencils and liquid liners. This was an impulse purchase and I had ordered some blacks too and a blue, a glitter one, and a khaki. I will share the pictures and reviews soon hopefully.


I am not so fond of metallic liners because they catch a lot of light and attention as well and makes me wonder what my hubby would comment if were I to wear it. He remarked a matte blue liner with the term “florescent” and ever since I have been once bitten twice shy or however it goes, but still, plum for a liquid liner is rare and tempting and hence I got it.

Glitter Liner

I had to pay some 195 rupees for this one and I don’t know why on earth does a brand like VOV cost you as much as a Maybelline Liquid Liner and there are people like me who do encourage it, but for the liner, the picture has come out horrible and I am sure you will be convinced otherwise about a plum liquid liner.

The liner comes in a plastic tube like pack with a shiny silver cap and a brush which feels blunt and hard and yet works for me. I like thick liners and hence this blunt tip is to my liking. The colour as you can see has glitter in it and is a very shiny, pretty, light purple indeed.

Glitter Liner

The liner does not come out even in one stroke; it peels and cracks, is uneven in colouring and glitter and can look clumpy on some spots and smooth on others as you can see. I wish it had been a little less shiny and more wearable for me and perhaps a little matte too, but nevertheless, it looks like a shiny plum metallic liner.

Glitter Liner

The staying power is approximately 6 to 7 hours and would not go off with just a simple splash of water but would be fine. After application, it feels a little stiff on the lid.

Last Word on VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner:  09 Plum

Glitter Liner

Apart from the pretty colour, there is nothing else to recommend today. If you still like the plummy metallic shine, then you can consider it!

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13 thoughts on “VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner: 09 Plum

  1. Gr888 review neha!!!!!!!! I knw which site u r talkin abt… hehe I also saw the sale and thought to purchase these but somehow cudnt….. Is thr any ingredient list mentioned on the cover??

    I think it is good for the college going galz they lyk experimenting na..

  2. hi neha you know if you buy VOV products from local shop it’s price varies from shop to shop…i guess online site are charging a lot for this product because i have seen many vov products in local stores that are very reasonable i didnt saw this product but i am asuming it shouldnt be so expensive…..but there is no price tag on the product so people charge it as much as they want:-p…..i only use vov nail paints and they do a good job….

    Apart from this the color is very pretty…

    1. U know in our mumbai the vov stands for viva cosmetics which has manufacturing unit in thane !!!!
      there r loadds of dupes available here…i totally skip this brand

  3. This looks like an awful product! I wonder why they even bother making these! Good review, Neha! 🙂

  4. Apart from the lipstick that parita reviewed i never liked any VOV stuffs….
    Ur eyes looks beautiful,but not the liner…
    I don’t want to make you sad, but these liner was available here in local market for around 120rs … 😐

  5. Thanks for the review, the colour looks pretty on you but if it has so many cons it’s not worth it…I think I know which site you mean 😛 I stopped ordering cosmetics from there, and now the Elizabeth Arden’s available there too, after Rati’s scary experience I’m not touching cosmetics from there. I never liked VOV, there was no way to tell if they’re safe to use and somehow their colours don’t have that nice finish most other brands have..it always looks kinda cheap to me :/ never buying their stuff! Thanks again!! :*

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