VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner – Navy Blue

VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner – Navy Blue


Around 200 I think, as far as I can recall.

I got this long ago, when I was really into this online “sale ends in ** hours” kind of shopping, and I had just turned into a crazy hoarder. I dont know how many colors I had bought, and some of them actually were nice shine blacks, and this one caught my eye today, since I am moving towards blue eye liners, this one called out to me, from some corner of the cupboard.

VoV Glam Shine Eyeliner Navy Blue

This one is named navy blue but it is not at all a navy,it is an out and out metallic blue color, and i think most of us would not wear it often, just a hint of this bright color is enough to brighten the eye but then you can wear any other makeup with this one.

The color is a bright metallic one, the finish is shiny like you can see and the texture is thick-ish, it is not runny at all, the texture is thick and might have gone a litle gloopy over time but I recall these were never light. Since the color is so deep, it can get a little streaky,pigmentation is good enought so you dont need to make the liner very thick but then you have to go over the streaks once more to get the deeper even blue on the eye.

eye liner brush

The brush is stiff and the bristle are short, I quite like it, but it does not help with the streaki-ness at all, I like the packaging too, with all the silver cap happening and a transparent cap to locate the shade at once.

metallic blue eye liner

Coming to the staying power, I would say this stays on for about three hours and then you notice your liner flaking and cracking, since the texture is thick,no it is not much noticeable but you can wear it for three more hours easily, I cant say it is water proof but a little splashing of water does not melt the liner down, but yes prolonged water contact will melt it down.

metallic blue eye liner 1

Now coming to a major con, I think I felt a slight stinging sensation in the inner corner of the eye, usually I wear many liners but never face this issue, it made think of this liner as loaded with some color chemicals or something, though I was under the fan and the stinging did not bother me much, but if you have sensitive eye you can avoid it.

Vov glam shine Eyeliner Navy Blue

Over all I wont wear this color often, it stands our a lot, but if you like metallic blues that are pigmented, you can try this, sensitive eyes avoid. It is named wrongly as Navy.

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11 thoughts on “VOV Glam Shine Eyeliner – Navy Blue

  1. Ohhh is a lovely colour and looking damn good in contrast with your lenses *haan ji* *happy dance* *preen* but yes we cant wear it often *nababana* i have a similar shade …i apply a very thin line under the eyes.. its looks cute on some clothes *happydance* *happy dance*

  2. a VOV liner from you Neha *clap* *clap* the color is of course very eye catching but looks good occasionally!! God knows, when I will be able to lie my hands on VOV *nababana*

      1. *woot* it would be fun, I came some time back but it was too hot to go out! is there some specific shop there, can u let me know pls.. *shy* *shy*

          1. almost all cosmetic store in karan gate market have vov… sham palace cosmetic store is the one i visit… :).. radhika … you also live some where near to karnal??

  3. oye hoye.. VOV from you…. *whistle*
    me too like normal blues.. extra bright ones I dont like… *nababana*
    but your swatches…. *jai ho* killer… *jai ho* *jai ho*

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