VOV Lipstick Honey Dew Review

VOV Lipstick Honey Dew

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I am going to review another awesome lipstick from VOV known as honey dew. All of us have one or two particular shops from where we buy cosmetics and end up buying five things when we started with one in our mind. 😛

These VOV lipsticks are always a by-product of my greed whenever I visit my  cosmetic shop. Now this time also I have picked up two shades which I again love to death. Scroll down to read my complete experience.

VOV Lipstick Honey Dew


Rs. 150

Shelf life:

3 years.

My experience with VOV Lipstick Honey Dew:


It comes in a transparent glass kind of packaging and the shade is shown at the base. Number and name are printed on the sticker at one end. I found the packaging to be really impressive but unfortunately I had an incident where one of my lipsticks stopped rotating up. I could just see the lipstick bullet like a hopeful child and rotated it for 5 long minutes but it did not come up.  But luckily when I took this lipstick back to the seller he exchanged it for a new one. I turned into a happy child again. 😛

VOV Lipstick Honey Dew (5)

The texture is smooth buttery kind. It is almost like Revlon colorburst range. The smoothness remains for a long time and does not set like a completely dry matte unlike many long staying lipsticks. The sheen of the freshly applied coat remains on my lips for a fairly long time and I should tell you that my lips are dry.


VOV Lipstick Honey Dew (4)

It is completely odourless unlike other lipsticks of lower price range. I cannot tolerate fragrances in my lipsticks unless it is of orange candy kind that I found in my inglot Gel lipstick. 😛

It is a wonderful shade of pinkish orange or I should say dark peachy kind. See for yourself in the pics and define what shade it is. Whatever you may call it, the shade is to die for. It would be an equal love for both college goers and married ladies. Also, you can wear it on a normal day out or night out or on a formal occasion. This is apt for ladies with pigmented lips too as it is nowhere a sheer lipstick. Also, it would suit almost all skin tones equally.

VOV Lipstick Honey Dew (3)

Staying power:

Now it stays for quite long too. It goes for around 4-5 hours and after that it lightens a bit to leave a pinkish residue on the lips. If you eat something, the color would lighten but it would be there. Even if you try to remove with cotton, it would not go without a makeup remover. Some may find it to be a stubborn tint that is left after removing it but for me it is fine as it goes after a few minutes. In short this is like a perfect lipstick for everyone.

VOV Lipstick Honey Dew (6)

Pros of VOV Lipstick Honey Dew:

• Classy packaging with visible shade at the bottom.
• The shade is to die for, believe me.
• Amazing quality.
• Smooth buttery formulation.
• Completely odourless.
• Stays for long and even after fading it leaves a pinkish hue on your lips.
• Cheap price.
VOV Lipstick Honey Dew (2)

VOV Lipstick Honey Dew  swatch


Cons of VOV Lipstick Honey Dew:

• The glass packaging is prone to breakage.
• Some lipstick may turn out to be defected like in my case the lipstick stopped rotating up but I got it replaced so no worries.
• No ingredients mentioned.
• Availability is an issue.


Will I repurchase VOV Lipstick Honey Dew ?

Yes absolutely. I can never let go this shade.


Lips (2)

I would recommend everybody to try these lipsticks and grab this shade first.

IMBB Rating:


Until next time stay stylish.

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31 thoughts on “VOV Lipstick Honey Dew Review

  1. hi Sahiba,

    this is really a lovely shade. VOV never disappointed me too, i have tried their lip gloss in many colors, but i will try this too. this shade is very lovely.

    nice review and your lips are very cute. *happy dance*

  2. Lovely swatch Sahiba… *pompom* *pompom* the shade s looking very pretty… me too gonna try some stuff from vov now *haan ji* *happy dance*

  3. Very pretty shade and lovely lip swatches Sahiba *clap* *clap* .. i shall get this one for sure *drool*

  4. that’s such a nice color sahiba. :)) It’s pretty close to the beige shade i have in my inglot palette. Loved your lip swatches. :))

    1. this is one shade i would always want in my collection… *hifive*
      thank you soooo much rati di…. *happydance* *happydance*

    1. aww.. where do u live dear?? ask at your nearby cosmetics shops na… yahan to its easily available…. *haan ji*

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