VOV Makeup Kit

Hello everyone! Today, I am reviewing VOV makeup kit that has 9 eye shadows and 3 blushers.

VOV makeup kit

About the Product:
Joint-Stock Company, VOV was founded in August 1981 after realising the true meaning of the word ‘Beauty’. For the last 30 years, VOV has been doing everything possible to satisfy its clients with world class products available at the most competitive prices.

Convenient for both professional and everyday makeup. Unusually large range of colors will change the image every day. You effortlessly get the desired smooth transition and saturation with a combination of several colors. 9 eye shadows and 3 blushers expertly coordinated to intensify your eye and skin.

• Light catching shimmers instantly brighten your eyes.
• All day wear without fading or creasing.
• Gives the right balance between colour and highlight without streaking the skin.

Vov eyeshadows

Talc, Mica, Dimethicone, Petrolatum, Titanium Dioxide, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Net Weight:
0.59 OZ.

Since I received this as a gift, I had no clue about the price, but when I searched for it on the internet, I came to know that it is for 750 INR. You can get it discounted at the local stores where they sell it. I always get a good discount on VOV products by the shopkeeper from whom I mostly buy my VOV Cosmetics.

My Take on VOV Makeup Kit

The make-up kit comes in a blue box, which also has a mirror and (READ) horrible brush in it. :headbang: The brush is, trust me, of no use. It has sponge on one side and an i-don’t-know-which brush on the other side. They actually tried giving an eye shadow applicator, but ended up doing something that even they don’t know. :yuck:

The colours are very good, pigmented and last long.

Vov palette

I feel that the blushers should have been more towards the pink tone, they all are in the shades of brown. One is peach-brown, one is brown with very slight hint of pink, and one is brown with a hint of mauve. I use these as bronzers, not blushes.

Eyeshadow Palette

The Oh-so-Nice Factors About VOV Makeup Kit

  • The eye shadows and blushers are very well pigmented and stay for a long time without fading or creasing.
  • The colors are buildable.
  • The mirror is very good in quality and I can do my entire makeup with this mirror! :preen:
  • Not a palette that should necessary be owned, but by any means, it is not a waste of money.
  • I personally find every shade in the palette useful!! No color is such that I think I wouldn’t be using.
  • The blushes are great to work with, they blend quickly and I feel that somehow they give a perfect payoff that I need to contour my face, not too much, not too less.
  • The colors blend very nicely.

The Not-So-Nice Factors About VOV Makeup Kit

  • The color selection is nice but not perfect and I don’t think that one can be satisfied with only this palette. You must have some other palette to make some of these colors work!
  • The packaging could be more classy.
  • There’s a little glitter in all the eye shadows. I am okay with it, but some girls may not like it!
  • It’s difficult to pick the blush from a sleek pan, I prefer bigger pans for blush.
  • The blushes should have been more towards pink than brown tone.
  • I would have liked the blushers more without the sparklies!!
  • You need to have or buy brushes separately. :daayan:
  • No manufacturing date, no expiry date.

4 on 5

P.S.:  Image 2 has been taken from Google Images. If you’re looking for good VOV cosmetics at a discounted price, you can check out snapdeal.com. I recently ordered a kit which I will receive in a day or two!

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  1. I have one VOV palette. Although they offer a lot of colors in one palette and they are pigmented, I am not happy with the quality of the shadows though. 🙁 I liked 6-9 eyeshadow colors. a nice detailed review. :))

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