VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss – Shade 004

VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss – Shade 004

Hello sweethearts,
VOV is a brand that is affordable and offers quality. I have used many of VOV products earlier and they did not cause any problems, so I am never scared of picking any of these products. But there are many dupes of VOV so yes even I get confused at times but I picked this up from Beauty centre in Mumbai, so no chance of getting a dupe. I just picked this shade randomly, someone else was trying it and I liked it so told the lady to give me one. I did not try the shade on my hand or so because the place was too crowded, just liked  the cylindrical bottle , so bought it.
VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss Shade 004

Price: Rs 120 for 8 ml ( I bought it for 80 bucks..yay!!)

Shade: The shade which is picked up is numbered #004, there were three more shades similar to this one. One was little lighter than this one and the other two more on the way to browns.


Parrafin, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Micro crystalline wax, Methyl paraben Propyl paraben, BHA, Pearlescent Pigments.
VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss - Shade 004  (4)

My experience with VOV vogue charm lip gloss:

So, I went to the Beauty Shop and I keep on picking stuff which is not at all needed. I have soo many glosses still packed and kept in my cupboard I guess it has become a habit. This gloss comes in 7 or 8 shades I think. The cylindrical bottles are not that big in size like the L’oreal or the Maybelline ones, but of-course the price is soo less that the gloss given in the bottle looks  much more for the price paid. It comes in an unbreakable transparent plastic bottle and you can see the shade through the bottle completely. The cap is black in colour and the packaging is quite good enough for the price. You have to rotate the cap to remove the wand and it is very smooth. The wand is a little hard , but it is completely fine because that makes it easier to apply the colour evenly and properly on your lips. The shade which I picked up is a nude one with a tinge of brown.

VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss - Shade 004  (3)
But what I liked about this gloss was that though it was so cheap, it did have colour along with gloss. A soft and subtle and nude colour appeared as soon as I applied this gloss, so the gloss gained the marks there because once I thought that it would just give a shiny finish and not colour. This shade is a cute one for every-day wear. The smell is a mild fruity tangy smell not over-powering at all and I liked it. Although the gloss does not stay for a very long time but obviously that was expected. It stayed on my lips for like one and a half hour, but when I finished eating the gloss had gone off. It would stay for a little longer time if you don’t have a snack and you just have to do blah blah blah..!! It moisturized my lips quite well and did my make my lips dry even when the entire gloss had gone off. Overall, it is a cute everyday gloss at a very affordable price.

lip gloss applicator


Pros of VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss – Shade 004 :

-Very cheap.
-Has colour too with a glossy shine.
-7-8 different shades to choose from.
-Hard wand which makes it easier for application.
-Quantity is very good for the price.
-Spreads out evenly and doesn’t settle in fine lines on the lips.
-Tangy fruity fragrance.

Cons of VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss – Shade 004 :

-Did not last for a very long time.
-Availability might be an issue for some.
-Contains parabens.
VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss - Shade 004  swatch

pink lips

Will I repurchase/recommend VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss – Shade 004 ?
Yes, I will repurchase this if I spot this somewhere because it is a cute pick at that price and I will recommend it for everyday use as instead of applying lip balms everyday, sometimes we can use this one as well for a different look.
IMBB Rating:

4.2/5 ( all marks deducted for less lasting power)

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28 thoughts on “VOV Moisture Vogue Charm Lip Gloss – Shade 004

    1. Neha di i think you should definitely come to Mumbai once for shopping *woot* its a two floored shop where you get all skincare, haircare and cosmetics… *drool* *drool* i get mad when i go there, i always end up buying more even the stuff that isn’t needed… We will book the whole shop one day only for IMBB people rofl rofl because all love going there *hifive*

  1. Saloni, like ur lip swatch…color suits u… *drool* ..is the color of gloss pink or is it ur lips which r pretty pink? *woot*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much Anuradha *pompom* *pompom* the gloss isn’t that pink but my lips are a little pink ofcourse …blush blush.. you can see the exact shade in the pic with the gloss on my hand *hifive* *hifive*

  2. Beautiful shade Saloni *hifive* *hifive*
    A trip to beauty always makes you buy excess stuff *headbang* *headbang* *hihi*

    1. Awwww *thankyou* *thankyou* loads Vidhi *puchhi* yaa i know yaar too many bags still kept in my cupboard… *headbang* *headbang* this gloss was cheap so never mind… but i picked up 3 shower gels and 4 conditioners lolll *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* and i don’t know why rofl

  3. which shop u went to Kandivali or Crawford Market ?? I am going there so wanna grab this nw *jogging* coz m craving for some lip gloss *hihi* *hihi* … Nice review and swatches Saloni *clap* *hifive*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much Nats *hifive* *hifive* i went to crawford market wala beauty centre 😀 went to colaba and thought without a trip to beauty centre the shopping in town never ends, so went there *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

      1. Thanks ill def check it out… i have been going there since 10 years as it was next to St. Xavier’s – my college *pompom* *pompom* and have never looked back since *hihi*

        1. ohhh my god *woot* wow lucky to be in St. Xavier’s *pompom* *pompom* you should really go there … you will enjoy *puchhi*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* soo much radhika *woot* me too in love with that *hifive* *pompom* a very cute shade na *preen* *preen*

  4. Omg lovely shade, suits you well Saloni *woot* *drool* and that too at such reasonable rate.. *oye balle*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo sooo much Ritika *woot* so sweet of you *puchhi* yeah man seriously this gloss was a great deal *hifive* *hifive*

    1. Yeah Aashka superb shade for day-time because at night we cannot even see it lol *hihi* i apply it almost everyday now when i go out along with the baby lips *happydance* *happydance*

      1. Haha … I actually prefer nude subtle glosses so this is perfect … I have not tried baby lips but guess I have to try it soon *jogging* *jogging*

        1. ohh really *shock* you should definitely try them.. *hifive* they are damn cute and moisturizing as well *happy dance* *happy dance*

  5. pretty pretty shade saloni… hehe… hum sab aise hain… we buy so much in cosmetics… pata hai i have so many similar shades in lippies and still end up buying more *hifive* *hihi*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* Sahiba… actually you were the inspiration *woot* *woot* from the day i saw your vov review… even i wanted to buy and when i saw this i was convinced to take it *hifive* sooo thanks a lot *thankyou* *puchhi*

    1. *thankyou* soo much Maria.. *hifive* *happydance* yaa i saw that there were some shades like this one but they were going on the way to a darker brown..and i dnt really like browns *nababana* so this shade was a cute one to go with *happy dance*

  6. Aww saloni I like d background of ur pics .. The roses .. Pink is my fav color too .. I am just obsessed with it ..: hehehehe … *puchhi*

    1. *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much Abeer *woot* me too loved the background with those cutie pink roses.. *drool* same here of that obsession with pink.. *hifive* had 3 pink cellphones earlier lol *hihi* *hihi*

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