VOV Soft Kohl Kajal Auto Eye Pencil- Review

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There are two things that I totally am crazy in the beauty department, one is eye pencils (kajals) and the other one is perfumes. I like eye pencils that are twist up so that I don’t need to bother about sharpening them. I wear contact lens so most of the kajals smudge, or irritate my eyes and I’ve been happy with this one for my daily use. Chambor Stay-on waterproof is my trusted one, but for routine use, this one proves to be a winner. VOV is not one of my favorite brands but seems like in this field it has proved itself. I ordered for another one, (as I’d got it from Mumbai) as soon as the first one was about to finish.
VOV soft kohl kajal 1

Basic Appearance:

It is a typical twist-up kajal eye pencil, black with a silver cap. It’s a reversible twist-up, thankfully not a one-sided twist-up like Chambor, which I normally use.


Rs.110/- (total value for money)


It may require one or two strokes for the lash line. For the waterline, we may need to apply 3-4 strokes to get the perfect dark tone that most of us are used to. For comparison with Chambor, I used both of them on my hands and found that in two strokes, this one is darker.

VOV soft kohl kajal 2
It totally glides off, Chambor’s the first stroke feels rough. But this one claims to be soft, and it’s really soft and smooth to use.


It doesn’t have any specific fragrance like those of Lotus or Himalaya, that smell of herbals, but it does have that typical kajal/kohl kind of smell.


I’m used to wearing contact lenses everyday, so I feel I’m at the greatest risk of using kajals. So far, Lotus, VLCC, Lakme Satin Black, all irritate me a lot as soon as I put them on with my lenses. But thank heavens this one doesn’t irritate me at all. Sometimes I don’t even realize that my eyes are loaded heavily with kajal. Till date, only one kajal made me feel that, it was Chambor Stay-on waterproof, welcome VOV, I will spend some less money for you!



Almost negligible, it smudges after 5 hours or so, but still you can find its traces on the waterline. I don’t use kajal on the lash line regularly, but when I used this one on the lash line I found that it doesn’t smudge at all! So this is some good news for people who’re used to using kajals only on the lash line.


It is waterproof to a good extent. When I applied it on waterline, it was dark enough and stayed for about 4-5 hours like a thick line. After I used my face-wash to wash it off, it didn’t go off completely, traces still remain. So yes, it has good water proofing capacity because so far from my experience, I can say that most of the kajals don’t stay on the waterline for long.

VOV vs chambor

Lash line:

On the lash line it totally proves that it is waterproof. I wash my face with water or even face wash, but it fades a little bit.

Pros of VOV (Waterproof) Soft Kohl Kajal Auto Eye Pencil:

  • Waterproof, for real.
  • Doesn’t fade for 5-6 hours.
  • Totally non-irritating even for eyes that use lenses.

VOV waterline

Consof VOV (Waterproof) Soft Kohl Kajal Auto Eye Pencil:

Smudges after 5-6 hours.


Apart from the smudging part, that too after these many hours, I couldn’t find any weakness with this kajal. It’s great for daily use. A twist up kajal and that too in this range, is every penny worth.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase VOV (Waterproof) Soft Kohl Kajal Auto Eye Pencil?

I already did.

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  1. i had received this as a gift 🙂 i really like it too… it doesn’t smudge and is damn good for the price…. however there are a lot of fake vov ones too.. one needs to keep an eye on that as well … Good review dear

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