VOV Soft Matte Lip Cream #11

VOV Soft Matte Lip Cream #11

Hi everyone 🙂

I was really caught up with so many activities on the personal front that I couldn’t write any reviews. Anyway I’m back with many many reviews. Today I’d be reviewing VOV Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade 11 which is a pinky nude shade.


INR 150 for 6.5ml

Vov Soft Matte Lip cream # 11


Like I mentioned in my previous review, they have copied everything from the NYX soft matte lip creams. Right from the black cap and colored tube to the doe-foot applicator, everything is same including the font on the tube!! 😛

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The only difference is while in NYX ones the name of the shade and the number are written at the bottom of the tube, in VOV ones only the shade number is written at the bottom as the VOV ones do not have shade names. These creams do not leak as such so can be carried around without any hassle.

Vov Soft Matte Lip cream # 11 (3)

Shade/ Pigmentation/Texture:

After having a very good experience with the shade 07, I went on to buy more of these tubes. Now the SA didn’t allow me to open the tube and I just picked up 2 tubes based on how they looked in the tube without swatching. This one is a nude colored lip cream with baby pink undertones. And once applied on the lips it looks slightly lavender-ish in yellow lights. And being dusky-skinned, it kind of washes me out. I feel this color would look much better on fairer skin tones as it is such a soft nude.

Vov Soft Matte Lip cream # 11 (4)

It is decently pigmented. It almost covers the lip pigmentation completely and you can build up the color without the texture getting streaky.

The texture is also the same like the NYX ones. At first when you apply, it is wet, but it instantly dries up to a powder matte finish. But the only difference is that while the NYX one dries immediately, this one takes up to 5 mins to completely dry and give that soft cream matte finish.

Vov Soft Matte Lip cream # 11 swatch

Since it is very matte, it does settle in the fine lines of the lips, so it’s better if you properly exfoliate your lips, apply a lip balm and then apply this. Wearing this with chapped lips is a big NO-NO!!!

Both NYX one and the VOV one have that same sweet smell, you know they smell somewhat like cookies. But I’m ok with it as the smell completely goes away within 5 mins of application. And yes it does plump up the lips a lot and gives the illusion of fuller lips.

Since it is super matte, it doesn’t transfer on glasses and tissues at all, which is a major plus point!!The lip creams easily stay on for 4 hours with light snacks in between. But after that they fade very unevenly.

matte pink lips

Pros of VOV Soft Matte Lip Cream #11:

• Decently Pigmented.
• Very affordable.
• No bleeding or feathering.
• Super matte.
• Glides smoothly.
• Doesn’t transfer.
• Long staying power.
• Plumps up the lips.

Cons of VOV Soft Matte Lip Cream #11:

• Settles in fine lines.
• No testers available, but you can check out NYX swatches n purchase these, as the colors are exactly the same 😛
• Availability might be an issue for some.
• Washes out dusky skintones.

Would I recommend/repurchase VOV Soft Matte Lip Cream #11?

Overall, I have had a very good experience with these lip creams as they go on matte and are very long lasting. But I am not a fan of this color so I wouldn’t repurchase this. But would surely recommend fair-skinned girls to give it a try.

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26 thoughts on “VOV Soft Matte Lip Cream #11

  1. Such an affordable dupe of NYX lip creams.. but couldnt find them at my place.. 🙁
    damn its availablity 😡
    You have such an innocent smile.. :-*

  2. Wow such affordable dupes for NYX Lip Creams..
    This color will wash me out completely… I’d check other colors from this range though..

  3. i knw when u say that the SA doesn’t allow u to test… coz nw a days they seal them with tape… :/ its a nice shade bt i wudn’t go for this one … somehow i’m nt using it nw in winters coz of dry lips.. waiting fr the next shade review…… i rather buy this one than the NYX which is hell lot expensive …. Lol 😀

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