VOV Waterproof Eyeliner in LG-04 Review

VOV Waterproof Eyeliner in LG-04 Review

Hello everyone,

Today, I will be reviewing a liquid eyeliner I bought from “VOV” a couple of days back, and I couldn’t wait to share all about it with my dear IMBBians.  This is my first ever eye makeup from the said brand. So far whatever I have used from VOV has given me great results, and now, without any second thoughts, I can tell VOV is one of the best brands available in the market, if only it was marketed more and nothing different with this product as well, it was just so good!!


The eyeliner is a total value for money product. It comes in a long, pointed metallic colored, shiny maroon cap and the body is a black one. The cap is a screw one, but closes off and opens with a little “tick” sound. The whole thing has a girly and trendy look to it.  The little bottle along with a curve adds an extra dose of oomph to it. Comes with a precision tip for easy application, and could also be used by those who are beginners in the makeup world.

VOV Waterproof Eyeliner 2


INR 190.

My Experience with VOV Waterproof Eyeliner in LG-04:

As we are all aware, VOV offers value for money products. Everything about the eyeliner is so satisfactory, be it the packaging, the look of it, the brush and its application or the quality of the content inside. Its waterproof and smudge proof, so it’s really not a problem if you are wearing it on a hot summer day and then if you start to sweat, but after application, you just have to be a little bit patient as it takes about 20-25 seconds to set properly, and after that you are all done.  It will stay on your upper/lower lids for about 5-7 hours and you wouldn’t need to worry about it.

VOV Waterproof Eyeliner 3

The color pay off is also great. You would get the jet black colour at the first coat itself, but of course, how many coats needs to be applied depends upon the user. It finishes off with a matte effect, but its not the hardcore matte that I am talking about.  It has a slight glossiness to it which just adds to the beauty of the product, but the only problem is the availability of this brand.  I don’t understand how come this brand is not marketed even after so much success with the customers. It’s a fantastic product, comes at an attractive price.

VOV Waterproof Eyeliner 4

Pros of VOV Waterproof Eyeliner in LG-04:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Aesthetically attractive.
  • Precision brush.
  • Stays on for 5-7 hours.
  • Waterproof.
  • Doesn’t smudge or fade away.
  • Jet black in just one layer.
  • Matte, but has a very light sheen to it.
  • Does not irritate the eyes.
  • Doesn’t smudge, but can be easily removed with the makeup remover.
  • Value for money.


VOV Waterproof Eyeliner 5

VOV Waterproof Eyeliner 6

Cons of VOV Waterproof Eyeliner in LG-04:

  • Availability.
  • Takes a few seconds to set.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase VOV Waterproof Eyeliner in LG-04?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend it. Don’t let one pass.  I would repurchase it again; I have all the right reasons to 🙂

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  1. woooow its really waterproof huh?? *woot* *woot* nice pick… i have one more liner from VOV not tried it yet *nababana* i hope it works similar *pompom* *pompom*

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