W7 Professional Soft Oval Brush Collection Review

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Makeup tools play a big role in our makeup lives. We have evolved from using hands to makeup brushes to sponges to the newly available dense oval brushes. And, today’s review is about the new oval brush set. So, read on to know more about W7 Professional Soft Oval Brush Collection.

Price: €45.95 for a 10 piece set (it retails at £49.95 in their website)
Product Description:
Here it is! What we have been waiting for a long time! Our professional soft brush collection is a set of super soft bristle make-up brushes with cleverly designed handles to do your makeup like a pro! The set includes 10 oval brushes made for flawless coverage and getting to all angles.  
Whether it’s contour, foundation, highlighting or blush, this set has it all. 
10 piece set includes:
• Eyeshadow Brush
• Eyeliner Brush
• Eyebrow Brush
• Foundation Brush
• Face Blender Brush
• Powder Brush
• Blush Brush
• Crease Brush
• Nasal Shadow Brush
• Concealer Brush

My Experience with W7 Professional Soft Oval Brush Collection:

I have been willing to get my hands on an oval brush set ever since Rati reviewed her oval brush set from Artis. I would have never bought from Artis as they were very expensive and there were some cheap brushes available on Amazon and Ebay, but I didn’t want to be disappointed. Last month, W7 released the new Professional Oval Brush Collection but it was always sold out. I bought the set without any knowledge. There were hardly any reviews available on this except for a few non-English videos; I had no idea what they were speaking about.

The soft brush collection comes in a box. This set is currently available only online. The packaging is quite simple. There are holders for each brush so that they can stay in place and do not displace. I have now taken all the brushes out of the box. The brushes are black in color and are made up of good grade plastic. The brushes are made up of a glossy black plastic, and the holder is matte black. Each brush has the brand logo over it. The holder is flat and easy to hold. However, I would have preferred round handles for better grip.

The brushes are bent at the neck, allowing free movement during application. There is no information on the number on the brushes, and till you get used to it, it can be pretty confusing! The brushes are oval and have very dense bristles. The bristles are extremely soft and feel like heaven on the skin. Considering that the brushes are dense, they cover the face in a few swipes and blend the makeup flawlessly, giving an almost airbrushed finish. The brushes are not rough on the face and blend the makeup very well. I have never used a makeup sponge except for the applicator sponge in the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and, believe me, these oval brushes give unmatchable results.

I have always used a kabuki brush to set my powder and it felt so good. But, guess what? This powder brush sweeps my face and gives far better results in just 3 swipes! The brushes are great and a great alternative to the luxurious Artis oval brushes. You will take some time to get used to these brushes, but these brushes give a flawless finish with very less product. During the initial days, I used the same quantity as I use with other brushes and I ended up looking like a flawless, made-up monster. So, you need to really learn how to use these brushes as the usage of these varies a lot from the regular brushes.

The collection of the brushes is good and this set has almost everything needed for a good makeup look. The powder brush is really big and I prefer it to use it for my body instead of the face. The linear brushes are a bit tricky to use. I have still not used the eyeliner brush. I have tried the nasal shadow brush and the eyebrow brush and I feel they are pretty good. The set doesn’t contain a lipstick brush and I have tried using the concealer brush for the lips but it doesn’t do much justice.

There isn’t much information provided by the brand regarding what the bristles are made of but they do not shed. I have washed the brushes and they do not shed or lose the shape. On alternate days, I just use a brush cleaner and wipe the brushes on a cloth. I love these brushes and, as I said, these are a great alternative to the Artis brush set. But, are these similar to the Artis brushes? Well, NO! I had a chance to check out the Artis brushes and they are a pure luxury. They are way too soft and the quality of the bristles, the shape, the handles are far superior to the W7 oval brushes. But if you really want to try the oval brushes and do not want to buy some cheap stuff or don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket with the Artis brush, this is a good choice!

So, summing up:

Pros of W7 Professional Soft Oval Brush Collection:

• Blends flawlessly.
• A little product is enough to achieve results.
• Extremely smooth, feather touch.
• Ergonomically designed.
• Covers almost all the makeup brush needs.
• Doesn’t shed.
• Doesn’t absorb a lot of product.
• Easy to clean.
• Good quality.
• Not rough on the skin.

Cons of W7 Professional Soft Oval Brush Collection:

• Available only online.
• The dome shaped brushes can be tricky in the beginning.
• Sold only as a set.
• No lip brush.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend W7 Professional Soft Oval Brush Collection?
Yes! W7 is a good brand and these brushes are quite good.

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