W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review

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Silicone sponges are so much in trend and, of course, beauty artists have come up with a lot of alternatives. I wanted to try a silicone blender since a long time. I recently saw a cheaper one from W7 and decided to pick it up. Today’s review is all about W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender. Read on to know more!

W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review

Price: $5.50
Product Description:
Change the way you apply your makeup!
We’ve tried it all! Brushes, blenders and sponges, the lot!
Change the beauty game with our very own W7 silicone blenders!
Apply without the worry of foundation and concealer being absorbed into the product, less waste more glam!
Easy to clean and therefore easy to keep your skin fresh

My Experience with W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender:

W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review Packaging

The silicone blender comes in a plastic package. There is information on the back of the package. The package is not very fancy and looks a bit cheap, but most of the W7 products come in such packages, so I do not have much problem with it. The silicone sponge has W7 written all over it. The blender is made from silicone. The sponge is see-through and flat. The sponge is soft and is very smooth on the face.

W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review Packagng Back

W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review Instructions

The sponge is non-porous and it doesn’t absorb any foundation. Usually, beauty blender soaks up a lot of foundation and I always had issues with washing it and since it soaks up water, I was scared that it accumulates germs. With the silicone sponge, it doesn’t absorb any foundation and a little foundation is more than enough. For a good coverage with the beauty blender, I need 3 pumps of foundation but with the silicone sponge, 1 pump of foundation gives me an even coverage. The sponge is very easy to wash. I just wash it with water after use and dry it with a towel. Once every week, I use shampoo or body gel and wash it thoroughly.

W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review Pebble

W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review Pebble Close up

The product lasts longer than a beauty blender. The sponge works with foundation, blushes, and concealer. I have used it with powdery blushes too and it works great. The sponge is very smooth on the skin and it blends the foundation very easily. It provides a very smooth and even finish. The sponge provides a very buildable coverage. The application can be a little tricky at the start as the sponge is not squishy and it doesn’t give you enough control. I applied the foundation onto the skin, and then, used the blender to blend the product. You need to work a bit for blending; it feels like the foundation is sitting on the top of the skin and is not being absorbed, but once you start using it, over time you will get how to use it and you can work your way.

W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender Review In Hand

The sponge smoothens out the foundation on the face and when you are blending it, it does lightly stick onto the skin. The sponge gives a flawless finish but you need to pat a lot and work with the blender. The shape of the sponge gives you a little control while applying the concealer under the eye. Overall, I love the product and happy that I tried it!

Pros of W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender:

  • Very hygienic
  • Can be used for both, liquid and powder makeup
  • Doesn’t soak up the product and little product is needed
  • Provides a flawless base
  • Lasts longer than a beauty blender
  • Inexpensive and easily available
  • Very smooth on skin
  • Can be used to build a higher coverage

Cons of W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender:

  • The shape doesn’t give you enough control, especially near the corners of the nose or under the eyes
  • Sticks lightly onto the skin when patting
  • A lot of patting is needed for the product to blend, else it creates an uneven base

IMBB Rating:
Would I Recommend W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender?
Would I Repurchase W7 Silicone Pebble Makeup Face Blender?
This would go for a long time, so I wouldn’t repurchase it in near future.

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