W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss Review

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Buying lipsticks is my hobby now. Sometimes, I am happy with them and sometime, I just feel like no more please. I got this W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss as a gift. I had never tried this brand before. Honestly, I am not quite happy with it. I would like to describe all the details and my experience with this lip gloss.

W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss



INR 700 /- for 3g (Mine was on a discount)

Product Details:
W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss is fairly a recent innovation amongst lip products. It gives a beautiful shine and pouty look to lips. It is essentially a lip gloss, which has a lip enhancer effect as well. A single swipe delivers enough products to give a lot of coverage. It comes in pretty shades, making it great for daily-wear.

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My Experience with W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss:

The packaging is too cool to carry. It comes with a small cute plastic bottle with a black cap. This is really a travel friendly product. It has a different type of applicator. This applicator is quite big and it has a very smooth and velvety touch. A lot of product comes out with the applicator at once, which is enough to use. The application was quite smooth. But, you need a lip liner because the size of the applicator is not too good to define your lips properly. It can mess up the edges of the lips. Otherwise, I like the shape of the applicator brush.

W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss 4

This is the most horrible part of this lip gloss for me. The shade is Millie, which is a light baby pink shade. In the bottle, the color looks cute. I felt wow and even on the applicator, it looked just wow. But, when I applied the shade on my lips, it turned horrible. The shade looked like whitish pink on my lips. It is too light for my skin tone. I have an olive skin tone and this shade washed out my tone. I am not able to see myself in the mirror. I think, it would not suit any Indian skin tone, specially, yellow undertoned people. It may suit fair skin toned people with pink or blue undertone, though I am not quite sure. There are so many baby pink shades available in the market but this one makes me very sad. If the color is ignored, this shade is really pigmented. You need to apply it smoothly only once on your lips to get the lip color. You can also apply twice for the perfect shade.

W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss 5

Quality and Texture:
W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss comes in a thick, creamy texture. It has a good moisturizing effect. Though, I do not like the shade, but I do like the texture of it. It really added volume to my lips. I could notice the difference. My lips looked bigger. Due to its creamy texture, it kept my lips moisturized all day long. It does not settle on fine lines. Also, it did not feel sticky but it did feel a little heavy on the lips. I felt a problem with this that it does not spread evenly on the lips. I have normal lips and it suits me very well. It would works well on dry lips also. The texture is smooth and soft. It never irritated my lips. It does not contain any smell. This lip gloss is easy to remove.

W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss 6

Staying Power:
The staying power is the good part of this lip gloss. It really stays for a good period of time. It easily stayed for 4 hours on my lips. After that, it starts to faded away. I never wore it outside anywhere, so I have no experience about how it would be the whole day. It transfers on cup but not too much. I like the staying power.

Overall, I like the quality of W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss. But, I just hate the shade. After liking the texture, I ordered a peachy shade but my bad luck, I got the same shade again by mistake. I felt like no more lip gloss, please.

W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss 7

Pros of W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss:

  • Cute packaging.
  • Leakage-proof.
  • Light white-tish pink shade.
  • Creamy, smooth texture.
  • Makes lips soft all day long.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Good staying power (4 hours).


Cons of W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss:

  • Dusky beauties should skip this.
  • Wash out my olive skin tone, looks horrible.
  • Availability is an issue in India.
  • Expensive according to the quality.

IMBB Rating:
overall 3/5 (for shade only 1)

Will I Repurchase W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss?
Never, not even to gift. But, I want to try the peach shade from W7 Super Pout.

Do I Recommend W7 Super Pout Millie Lip Gloss?
No, for this particular shade. It is not for Indian skin tone. White skinned beauties can give it a try, if you like the shade.

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