W7 The Cheeky Trio Bronzer-Blusher-Highlighter Review

I decided to buy W7 In the Buff Natural Nude Eye Color Palette, after checking the review on IMBB. Luckily, I found “The Glam Box” at the store. It not only contains the eye shadow palette that I wanted to buy but also “The Cheeky Trio” (which I am going to review today) and Midnight Eye Color Palette at reasonable price. These products are also available individually except Midnight eye shadow palette which has only 6 shades. The regular one got 12 shades. The cheeky Trio is available separately. Let’s find out if it’s a hit or miss for me!

cheeky trio open

Price: – I bought the glam box for £13.50. If you buy these products separately, it will cost you around £9.95 for each product.



My Experience with the W7 The Cheeky Trio Bronzer –Blusher- Highlighter:

What about packaging? Apart from the quality and price of the product what attracted me most about this product is the packaging. I love W7 products that come in a metal box. The cheeky trio comes in cute girly pink metal box which looks like pencil box. The packaging is strong and travel friendly. The cheeky trio contains three items, a bronzer – Dream machine, a blush – 5th avenue and a highlighter – Hot stuff.

W7 glam box

w7 glam box back

Why I need this product? I love watching contouring and highlighting video clips on Instagram. So I know the theory part of the technique quite well and have been practicing the technique. I am yet to master the art but I’ve at least started the learning process. I’ve one more contouring and highlighting palette but that one is not travel friendly so I would need the cheeky trio when I am travelling ( though I don’t think I will get enough time to make use of it but still :-p).

glam box 3 palettes

When do I need this product? When I do heavy or full face makeup sometimes our face look pale because of foundation. By using contouring and highlighting technique with the help of a bronzer, blusher and highlighter we can get sun kissed look. You may also play with your features, flaunting and hiding them according to your wish. I use it when
1) I am attending a wedding or party,
2) I want to look good in pictures and
3) When I’ve enough time.

W7 The Cheeky Trio Bronzer –Blusher- Highlighter

How is “the cheeky trio”? I hadn’t seen or tried the product at store so I had no idea about the shades and quality of the product. When I opened the box I found that all three products are matte which I was silently wishing for. Matte finish is what you need if you’re a beginner, because the risk of overdoing is minimum.

open packaging

Bronzer – the light brown bronzer is called Dream Machine. An ideal bronzer should be two shades darker than your skin tone. But dream machine is unfortunately one shade darker than my skin tone. And because it has medium pigmentation, so the bronzer takes time to show on my skin tone. I use a powder brush to apply this bronzer because it has matte finish. Dream machine is matte but it’s not powdery. When I swirl the brush into the product, I do not get sufficient quantity at one go. I at least need to work 3-4 times with my brush to get the desired result. The shade is not highly pigmented so risk of making mistake is less for those who are learning but might not be suitable for experts.


Blusher – the 5th avenue is a light pink blush. I use a blusher brush for application. Again, brush doesn’t pick up enough quantity at one go. But the shade gives nice soft pinky glow on cheek. Pigmentation is okay and buildable.


Highlighter – And here comes the most important shade of the palette, Hot Stuff. The ivory shade highlighter has good pigmentation compared to the bronzer and the blusher. It does the job of highlighting well and the product is easily picked by the brush.

Staying power – Staying power is good, lasts for 6 to 7 hours minimum in winters without primer. Further, you may increase it by spraying facial mist on your face.

The cheeky trio doesn’t look or feel chalky on face. It has a mild fragrance which you can get only, if you bury your nose on the product. Overall, it’s an okay product. I’ve not spent too much on this product so I’ve no regrets!

Swatch of the Cheeky Trio

Pros of W7 The Cheeky Trio Bronzer –Blusher- Highlighter:

• Not expensive if you’re buying in UK.
• Matte finish.
• Attractive and strong metal packaging.
• Travel friendly.
• Three in one palette.
• Easy to blend.
• Doesn’t look made up or chalky on face.
• Good staying power.

Cons of W7 The Cheeky Trio Bronzer –Blusher- Highlighter:

• I feel pigmentation of Bronzer could have been little better.
• Available online only on few websites in India.
• Very expensive if you buy in India.

IMBB Rating – 3/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase W7 The Cheeky Trio Bronzer –Blusher- Highlighter?
Honestly, I would suggest that if you’re buying this product in UK then you may go ahead. But still I would say, do not pay £9. 99 for this product. Wait for discounts and if you get a deal like mine then go and grab it.
BUT those who want to buy this product in Indian currency please stay away from it. I checked few online sites and found out that they are selling this product for around Rs 4200. I almost fainted. It’s not worth it and I would not recommend spending 4200 for this product. You will get better options in other brands. Next I want to use stick products for contouring and highlighting therefore will not repurchase it.

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